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Natural Handmade Soap Bar 100g

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All-natural handmade soaps created with 100% pure simple ingredients. 

  • Organic, 100% natural and vegan-friendly soaps
  • Cruelty-free
  • It does not contain Paraben, SLS, SLES
  • Approved by the Ministry of Health
  • Can be used on the face, hair and body
  • All products are packaged by hand safely following health and safety measures

Have you ever deeply inhaled a fresh, clean scent & felt revitalised? Or ran the tap-water for a long bath to help relax and unwind from the day’s stress? It’s no coincidence, our olfactory system’s intimate relationship with the brain shows that certain scents can actually influence mood. 


The most precious & popular smells of today, this Oud soap helps refresh the mind & body. It contains 70% oils, which leaves the skin feeling nourished and soft when lathered into the exfoliating mitt.

  • This soap helps clear residues from the scalp
  • Relieves fatigue 
  • Positive effects on fungus 


Saffron is not only useful in the kitchen but also has many benefits for the skin. 
Saffron is effective in helping remove acne & pimples from the skin. 

  • When used overtime the product can help protect the skin from sunspots
  • The product can help remove dead skin from the body 
  • The product aids with the renewal and repair of cells


The use of rice water has become popular choice overtime for its effectiveness in helping increase collagen in the skin, as rice water is a natural antioxidant. The smell resembles the Turkish Hamam, which you can experience from your home bathroom. 

  • Helps prevent acne formation by removing excess oil on the face
  • Over time it helps the skin look smooth
  • It moisturizes & does not dry the skin.


Rosewater is popular for its benefits on our youthful skin. As well as smelling divine, this rose soap helps tighten the skin and helps deep clean the skin. 

  • It helps prevent the formation of acne & blackheads
  • Overtime helps equalise skin tone
  • It is good for body cracks


    We all strive for bright clear skin and with regular use, this soap is specifically designed to remove the dead skin cells in our face and body. 

    • It helps in removing skin scars and assisting with the removal of sunspots on the skin.  
    • Helps balance skin tone 
    • Overtime helps lighten areas that have darkened e.g. underarms, elbows


    Our delicate nettle soap is used to help renew cells. Nettle has natural astringent properties, which are great for treating skin issues such as greasy skin, dry, itchy, & inflamed skin. Over time the product helps balance the body's temperature to assist with the healing of eczema & psora. 

    • Anti-inflammatory properties can be used for skin burns
    • A great daily cleanser
    • Helps to clear acne & eczema
    • Helps with thicker, shinier, new hair growth 


    Garlic is known for its antibiotic component & powerful antioxidant properties. Allicin helps to kill the bacteria causing acne in the skin. 

    •  Used to avoid hair shedding
    •  Provides healthy shiny hair whilst helping solve oily hair problems
    •  Assists with healthy hair growth


    Activated charcoal has been around for thousands of years. It's detoxifying properties have been used by ancient Egyptians or Native Americans! 

    FUN FACT: During the early 20th century it was used to remove the colour of sugar, it was also used in the World War I in soldiers' gas masks to prevent them from being poisoned by chemical exposure.

    • It offers a detox effect and helps reduce acne
    • Gentle exfoliation on the skin
    • Helps remove toxins from the skin & prevent skin imperfections 
    • Activated carbon coal has anti-ageing properties, prevents premature ageing and helps reduce wrinkles

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