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Raw Organic Herbal Honey 500g

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100% Pure and Raw Organic Herbal Honey 500g
Unprocessed, Unpasteurised and Unfiltered Raw Honey

Country of origin: Bulgaria

Polyfloral honey

Harvested from happy bees and wild mountain herbs in the Rhodope Mountains in Bulgaria. The herbs in the region include St. John's Wort, Thyme, Marjoram, Linnaeus, Blue Mackerel, White Thistle and others. Its main benefits and uses are: tonic and nourishing, strong-immune boosting properties, wound healing, good for colds and flu, and a natural remedy for cough and sore throat.

The beehive

The beehive is based in the Rhodope Mountains on the Balkan Peninsula, Eastern Europe. Located along the shores of the river Arda, the beehive is situated in an ecological mountain region – one of Bulgaria’s most famous sources of wild herbs exported worldwide. The raw honey carries many of the health benefits of the herbs it is sourced from.

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