5 Simple Living Habits That Can Save the World

5 Simple Living Habits That Can Save the World

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Do you know you could live a simple life and still be comfortable and satisfied? You may even live healthier, longer and help save the world!

We live in a world where everything we do is influenced by our environment, trends, and fashion. We buy stuff we don’t need just to gain respect from friends and society, causing us to accumulate debt that we spend the rest of our life offsetting.

Living a simple life is a huge gain not just for us alone but for the environment too. Simplifying our lifestyle is one of the best ways to amplify our life and a wonderful way to sustain our dear planet. Don’t be fooled. It is totally possible to have a fulfilled life through simple living. Further, it helps you cut back on expenses, which ultimately means more money to save.

Of course, due to the norm in society today, minimizing our standard of living may seem a bit difficult to practice. Notwithstanding, it is completely achievable and taunted as the wisest way to live a long, happy and healthy life. In addition to that, it is the easiest and smartest way to take away the excesses and keep our planet safe.

The Hidden Facts That Will Help You Save the World

We often go with the narrative that buying more things brings fulfillment. When, in fact, consuming less makes us happier. As humans, we are wired to want more – like Oliver Twist. Except he really did have nothing!

Living a life of luxury only gives us a fickle sense of satisfaction. Lasting happiness is actually in simple things.

We're not saying living a simple life means you shouldn’t get material things. Apart from meeting our essential needs, we should be able to differentiate between buying substances that are useful and those that are pure luxury.

Check out the following ways to live a simple life and positively help the environment in the process. It isn't rocket science!

Red Meat Consumption

You might be wondering what red meat consumption has to do with simple living and building an Eco-friendly environment. It is hard not to feel a tweak of guilt when we hear about the pollution and waste caused by industrial livestock farming.

Despite that, we still flock to fast-food restaurants to get their share of manufactured meat and barbecues. Yet, some of us would probably not stop eating meat since it’s so tasty. This causes a huge problem for our health and the environment. Livestock farming leaves a huge footprint on the environment, contributing to the degradation of land and water, deforestation, greenhouse gas emissions, and lots more.

save the world - eating habits

Instead of relying on fast food for your meals, you could lead a simpler and healthier life by making your own meals with fresh ingredients. Also, meat is not the only source of protein. You can eat healthier meat or turn to plant sources of protein. Vegetables, beans, and nuts are a good place to start.

Driving Less

Driving, without a doubt, is one of the major causes of pollution in our environment. Hydrocarbon, carbon monoxide, and nitrogen oxides are released from the exhaust of a car when in motion and these gases are harmful to the ozone layer and our health. Reducing the rate at which you drive will not only prolong the longevity of your car and save you some cash, but also go a long way to protect mother earth. Simply taking the bus, walking some miles, or carpooling with colleagues can do more good than you thought possible.


In urban areas, living without driving is usually easier because trains and buses are made available. Walking or riding a bike at least once or twice a week is also a better option, as it is a great form of exercise and improves your health. Let’s keep it simple!


Do you know you know you can make money from used beverage cans, sodas, and wine bottles? Yeah, you can! This is only possible through recycling. Recycling is the act of sorting and collecting waste materials for new use. This prevents pollution because debris are no longer burnt and manufacturers can reuse these materials thereby reducing energy consumption and production process.

save the world - recycling

All that is required is to simply save the bottles and cans after use and take them to your local recycling center when you are ready to dispose of them. This way, you get to earn a few bucks while keeping your environment clean and preserving the earth for future generations.


The textile industry has contributed immensely to environmental pollution, gobbling up resources and greatly consuming energy. The production of garments from crops and fibres contribute to environmental, water, soil, and air pollution.

Nowadays, we feel buying new clothes and going with the fashion trend will make us happier but that’s not exactly true. Clothes seem to come at a very cheap rate these days. So,  we no longer care about getting quality clothes. Instead, we keep buying new clothes when the ones we have lose their worth.

save the world - clothing

However, if we can stop buying clothes with poor quality, it will subject clothing brands into making clothes with more quality allowing clothes to last longer, which is good for our pockets and the environment. You can also sell used clothes to second-hand clothes dealers, or even rent your clothes out and make some money instead of throwing these clothes away.

Home sweet home

Moving into your own apartment is a very good idea for family, but not so good for the environment. Instead of extended families living together under one roof, smaller units (nuclear family) are formed, leading to the construction of more houses, consumption of energy, natural resources, etc.

Although managing a large home is usually stressful and expensive, downsizing your home is the easiest way to reduce costs and carbon footprint. After all, small space means less room to store stuff that are not important. Perfecto!


More often than not, you will find out that what is good for your wallet is also good for the environment. When you care less about what friends and society say about your standard of living, you realize you don’t have to depend on possessions to leave a happy life and this allows you enjoy life for real.

Let’s all learn to keep it simple. Only then will we truly find lasting happiness. 

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