7 Tips To Be More Eco-Friendly in 2020

7 Tips To Be More Eco-Friendly in 2020

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Before we gobble down on these tips, there's a few things we would like to bring to your attention.

Have you heard of the disturbing effects of human activities on the planet? If yes, what have you done so far to preserve the planet for the future generation? Nothing? Well, get in here!

Global warming, species extinction, higher sea temperature, a mammoth carbon footprint, and scarcity of natural resources are no longer new terms in our world today. Time and time again, scary stats are collected on the harmful effect of human activities on our environment.

As we continue to turn a blind eye to these figures, they seem to be increasing on a geometric progression, giving us lesser remedy time than we had a few years ago.

Fortunately, many people are getting on board. The go green movement is now preached in every home and society, so we hope to get in the right side of fate soon.

If you are yet to join the green movement, we urge you to start today. This is why we compiled this article to expose those small tweaks you can make to be more eco-friendly in 2020.

Spend less time in the shower

Did you know you can totally have a clean bath without spending all day in the shower? Now, you do! As far-fetched as it may seem, water is a natural resource that we do not have in high amount. Yes, 75% of the earth is covered with water. However, only 1% of this water is clean and safe for human use.

And this 1% has been grossly polluted lately by our activities? So, we should be looking at a figure less than 1%. Why waste more of the disappearing resource? Make the decision today to spend less time in the shower to be more eco-friendly in 2020!

Less electricity, please

Pardon the curiosity, but your appliances have a control switch, yes? What about your light bulbs? Are there control switches to turn them on and off? Then, why do we leave our appliances and bulbs on standby all day?

With the awful rate our energy resource is diminishing by the day, it is high time we learnt to use the control switch. It will cost you nothing to unplug your chargers and appliances. It will take less than a minute to turn off light bulbs when they are not in use and you will be more eco-friendly in 2020 - it's just that easy. Learn to turn it off too, not just on. 

Give your car a break

A huge percentage of Britain’s greenhouse emissions can be traced back to transportation. While cruising around the town in your car sounds fanciful, it contributes a great deal to our yearly carbon footprint. Why not give your car a break and go to work with your friend or colleague. Carpooling is not such a bad idea, you know. You can also use public transport or better yet, walk down to your office is it is not so far away.

Walk more

Go for sustainable packaging

Another window that produces the most waste in the UK is food packaging. We frequent grocery stores from time to time and do you know how much waste you gain from each trip to the grocery shop. Let’s take a break from the plastic bags. What about food packaging? What happens to those wraps at the end of the day? This is why we produce more waste than we can handle. To be eco-friendly in 2020, instead of pre-bagged foods, why not go for one with no packaging or – at least – sustainable packaging?

beeswax food wraps

Turn to sustainable tea bags

Research shows that teabags account for about 96% of the millions of cups of tea taken daily in the UK. Although taking tea isn’t bad for you, the bags in which the tea is packed is, as a matter of fact, a huge problem to the environment.

While you may argue that some tea bags are compostable, it is crucial to state that most teabags are only partially biodegradable due to the presence of plastic in the bags. Therefore, we advise a swift switch to tea with sustainable bags to help cut back on the amount of waste generated every year.

Opt for paperless

It’s no secret that we’ve all grown used to the paper kind of bill. Even the grocery store issues receipts made of paper. It is time we ditch these papers because more trees are being fell every day to meet our paper demand. Instead of paper bills, use email or any other paperless alternative and become even more eco-friendly in 2020.

Take your coffee cup to work

Ever checked your coffee cup? Sure, they seem to be made of paper, however, they do contain plastic. Maybe you should check again. With trillions of these cups produced yearly, you can only imagine the amount of plastic waste produced each year. To help curb this fast-rising menace, we advise you to get a reusable coffee cup and bring it to work every day.

Reusable Coffee Cup


The numbers are still rising. The earth is still dying. These harmful practices are yet to be curbed. Our natural resources are yet to be preserved. The space is getting wider and wider with each second that passes by. Our redemption time is getting smaller and smaller as this space increases. It is not the time to wait for the government or NGOs.

It is time to fight for our home. Let’s join hands and save our home. Be an eco-warrior today!

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