8 Easy Tips on How to be an Eco-Warrior

how to be an eco-warrior

Earth needs everybody to be an eco-warrior these days, because life on earth is on the verge of extinction. Mother earth has not suffered as many threats as she suffers today. Sadly, humans she set out to protect are the ones behind the trigger.

This modern era has brought with it both good and bad. As more forests are being cleared out to build factories, so does the home of wild animals gradually disappear. And these animals are forced into extinction.

With more houses being built to cater to the ever-increasing human population, so are lands for agriculture converted to residential homes.

To make matters worse, we engage in activities that release noxious gases into the air and cause depletion of the ozone layer. Exposing us to harmful rays that the ozone layer is supposed to cover.

In addition, we carry out harmful practices that release pollutants into the little areas left for agriculture and water too.

True, the earth is made of 70% water, however, only 1% of earth’s water is good for drinking, swimming, washing, and other domestic activities. Unfortunately, a large percentage of this clean water is already polluted by man. In fact, research showed that the number of plastics in surface water will exceed the number of aquatic animals in 2020.

Plastic Pollution

These and more harmful acts that we engage in have caused a deep shift in the natural balancing of the ecosystem, giving rise to a plethora of damages and health risks and worse, possible extinction of the human race.

To curb this alarming menace and restore the balance in the ecosystem, we have to actively get involved in activities that help reduce the harmful effect of this modern era.

Being an eco-warrior may sound like a whole lot to add to our already busy daily routines, however, it doesn’t have to be a total revamp of our lifestyle. Little tweaks to our day-to-day activities have a role or two to play in the grand scale of things.

This is why we took the time to compile this guide to expose you to a few foolproof tips that will help you become a better eco-warrior without breaking a sweat.

Always Turn Off Appliances

Turn Off Applieances

Standby appliances in the home consume more energy than you can imagine. An average household in the United States spends more money on energy than food. Constant consumption of energy without means of replenishing it has caused energy to be one of the major issues facing the world today. In your little part, you can save yourself a few bucks and save the world too by turning off all appliances when not in use. Be sure to go round the house to check for appliances that are yet switched on before leaving for work or going to bed at night.

Eat Out Less

Eat out Less - Cook more at home

Our busy schedule makes it easy to pick up food on the go or order take-outs virtually every other day of the week. While it may seem like it is saving you time and energy, you would have succeeded in increasing your waste for the week and the demand for plastics too. Plastics are non-biodegradable and often end up in surface waters. To reduce the number of plastics being produced, we should learn to cut back on take-outs and plastic straws we buy. Instead, prepare homemade food and use reusable dishware.

Buy Less, Use More

Some people are in the habit of buying things they do not really need – junk. You end up buying a wardrobe full of clothes and wear only a select few. These clothes or bags or whatever all take up lots of natural resources to manufacture. As the demand increases, so does the supply, thus, putting a strain on our natural resources. To go green, learn to buy less and use them more. Also, be sure to buy things made of good materials.

Go for Local Products

Using local shops is another way to go. Local products are usually made in a healthy way. They are made with less chemicals to protect you from health risk while protecting the environment as well. Learn to opt for locally made products, instead of imported products.

Reuse As Many Products As You Can

Reusable and eco-friendly products

‘Reuse’ is one of the two major R’s in green living, the other being ‘Recycle’. These two R’s ultimately sum up the entire process. To consume less natural resources, we are urged to reuse existing products. To further implement the eco-warrior lifestyle, instead of buying bottled water that you get to throw the plastic bottle away after use, you can opt for carrying clean drinking water in a water bottle. You get to reuse the water bottle for as long as time allows.

Less Paper

Besides clearing out forests for residential and industrial buildings, deforestation through felling of trees to produce paper also drive wild animals into extinction. The higher the demand for paper, the higher the number of trees used for paper production. Try to use less paper by registering online for newsletters. You can pay your bills online and read magazines online too. Save a tree today and become an eco-warrior!

Don’t Keep the Tap Running

Save Water - don't keep the tap running

Most households consume a ridiculous amount of water. More often than not, wastewater makes a huge chunk of this amount. We spend so much time in the shower, enjoying the water without paying attention to the number of gallons of water that we consume. Another event is leaving the kitchen tap running. Let’s be conscious of the number of gallons of water we consume weekly. This will go a long way to help you cut back the amount of wasted water your home produces.

Be self-reliant

Self Reliant - Grow your own vegetables and fruits at home

Lastly, we should learn to be self-reliant. Instead of depending on genetically manufactured foods, as an eco-warrior, you can grow some veggies and crops in your garden. Growing a little garden at home does not only help you save the environment, but it also helps you to save tons of money that you have spent on purchasing those food products. It’s a double win for you!


Being an eco-warrior does not need to be such an onerous task. You do not need to lead a sad, lonely life to save mother earth. The little quota we all contribute will quickly add up to something big enough to restore balance in our ecosystem. Save the human race, go green today!

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