How Can We Sustain Our Environment?

How Can We Sustain our Environment?

The truth must be said; man has not been a great custodian of the earth in the past years. If we are going to protect the environment and preserve the planet for future generations, we need to start taking some steps towards better living habits. At Eco Bravo, we have taken it upon ourselves to help spread the word as to how we can make this planet and our environment a better place to live in. Did you know that most of the damage done to the environment stems from our rate of consumption? Literally, how we consume, what we consume and how often we consume are determining factors.

Be it gas, cars, food, furniture, toys, water, electronics, or other goods, we, and we are consumers no matter how we look at it. We do not say that you should stop consuming. All we are saying is that people should be mindful of their consumption habits and how their rate of purchase can affect the ecosystem. The good thing is that being environmentally friendly is not too difficult or expensive. In fact, it could be a fun challenge if you let it. Whenever you want to feel like you are doing too much, take a minute to realize that you are helping the environment and are doing some good for future generations.

How Does One Protect the Environment

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Now, how does one protect the environment?

As we said earlier, it may pose a bit of a challenge convincing someone to quit some of their habits just because they want to help the environment; below are some bold steps that can be taken to achieve this;

Consume Less

Consume Less

Keeping control of what you consume can go a long way in preserving the environment. You must have heard of the three Rs. If you haven't, they are Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. To better preserve the environment, we need to pay more attention to the most neglected R- Refuse. So you can say there should be 4Rs - Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, and Refuse.

Saying no to things is not easy. Cheap goods, freebies, and other items tend to look like they are making life better. But have you taken a minute to ask yourself if they are essential? Most of these items end up in the trash or in a forgotten closet more often than not. The next time you are tempted to accept or purchase an item, ask yourself if it will add any value to your life. If not, please decline. This will either save you money, declutter your space, or both.

Try Compost


We already talked about three, rather four Rs, right? What if there is a fifth R? Guess what it is... Rot. This R does not even get any attention when compared to others, and it should not be so. Instead of sending organic waste to the landfill, is it not better to let them rot naturally? That is the concept of compost.

Composting yard waste and food scraps offer two rewards. One, it keeps trash out of your waste stream. Two, it produces rich soils for your yards and gardens. Most cities have begun to collect organic waste along with regular trash. Even if your city does not do that YET, you can always set up a compost pile in your garden or backyard.

Recycle Properly


If you cannot refuse it or let it rot, you can at least reduce it. If you still cannot, you are left with just one more option; recycle. Educate yourself on the different items to be recycled and how they can be done. You should know that throwing just about every item into the recycle bin might do more harm than good. There are ways to recycle different items such as batteries, electronics, and appliances. All you have to do is check in with the local municipality for different drop-off sites and make conscious efforts to get these items to the right disposal sites.

Opt for Reusable Instead of Single-Use

Opt for Reusable Instead of Single-Use

Imagine the number of people you meet every day who use disposable bottles, cups, straws, grocery bags, plates, utensils, and containers, and you will agree with us that there is a big fight ahead of us. At Eco Bravo, we believe that you do not need single-use products all the time. All these disposables have to go somewhere, and no matter how environmentally friendly an area, there will be pollution as long as these things are in use. Switch to items that do not outlive their usefulness just once and use them as often as you can. This will lead to less piling of trash, and you will, in turn, be protecting the environment.

Buy Local

Buy Local

On the topic of shopping, you might be surprised to know that it may take about seven hundred gallons of water to water enough cotton to make a t-shirt! So instead of always rushing to malls and boutiques to get new clothes, you may take a minute to consider first-grade clothes. They can change your wardrobe without you having to spend so much. It does not only apply to clothes. It can be applied to almost every area of consumer goods like cars, furniture, toys and games, appliances, etc.

It is also important to buy locally processed goods. Those commercial goods come with packaging, which is usually made of plastic and can pose a danger to the environment. Instead of always going to the supermarket, you can always try local food makers. It will save you cost, give you more nutritious foods, and you will be saving the environment in the process.

Reduce the Use of Chemicals

If you really want to protect the environment, you might want to make use of fewer chemicals. It is no longer news that these substances can have long-term adverse effects on our bodies and even the environment. If you can, please avoid them. There are other less toxic substances that can do the work of those chemicals and are also as effective.

In conclusion, looking at our environment, we will realize that there are other ways we can sustain the environment like planting instead of falling trees, conserving water and electricity, etc. The aim is to save the environment, and we will be saving ourselves in the process. Eco Bravo is with you on this, so contact us for any help you might need.

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