How to Live an Eco-Friendly Lifestyle

How to live an eco-friendly lifestyle

The solar caps at the equator are melting, the sands of the Sahara Desert are spreading past their borders. The hot season is getting hotter, and the cold seasons are getting warmer. Contrary to what most people believe, the world is not coming to an end. The earth is just becoming unliveable, and we have made it so because of our numerous creations, inventions, and innovations.

We believe here at Eco Bravo that we all can rescue the earth and make our planet liveable if we are ready to adopt a responsible and sustainable eco-friendly lifestyle.

Here is how to live an eco-friendly lifestyle

Energy Conservation is Key

We may have built beautiful cities; we may have invented, innovated and created different things, sadly while all these may have propelled our world forward, we have ignored the most critical part of our life here on earth - conserving the earth. To live an eco-friendly lifestyle as an individual and as a company, we must remember that energy conservation is vital.

Energy conservation on your part might involve the little act of reducing your carbon footprint, turning off your light switch when you are not in the room, putting devices on standby mode when they are not in use. When these little acts become consistent, they become a habit, and those habits become a lifestyle that will save you money and eventually save our environment.

Energy Conversation

Encourage Food Conservation

The habits that led to the state of destruction that our environment is at the moment seem very trivial. Interestingly the lifestyle changes that will result in a more sustainable environment may also seem trivial, but they are not. Food conservation might seem trivial to you, but when food is appropriately stored instead of being thrown away, it results in less pressure on farms for more farm produce.

To produce food that will cater to large populations, farmers often use fertilizers, pesticides, and other chemicals which damage the environment. All of these can be avoided with effective food conservation measures.

Food Conversation

Encourage Recycling

One of the reasons why our environment is stressed and distressed is because of the presence of non-biodegradable substances in the soil, in our rivers and even in the bodies of our animals. As an individual who is passionate about the state of the environment or as a company who loves the environment, you must pay attention to the environment and encourage recycling.

The good news is that everything is recyclable. If everything is recyclable, it means everything is reusable. Before you dump anything in the trash, find out if they can be recycled.

Fixing instead of thrashing

Expose Yourself to Nature

Some of the causes of ozone layer depletion are the use of air conditioning units and other forms of house cooking equipment. While they make your house cooler, they make the environment warmer.

To adopt an eco-friendly lifestyle, you should opt for open windows during hot summers instead of air conditioners and on some days take a walk, take cold baths to cool off.


Endeavour to Fix Leaky Pipes

An eco-friendly planet is an environment that encourages sustainability. Sustainability demands that there is zero waste. This means that gone are the days when leaky faucet, burst pipes and damaged water barrels should be fixed with alacrity to save water and prevent wastage. This should be taken seriously and treated urgently.

Fix Leaky Pipes 

Energy Saving Equipment Should be Used

The little things always make a big difference when it comes to adopting an eco-friendly lifestyle. You can start by switching to eco-friendly light bulbs then move on to other energy-saving equipment. This sort of equipment is on sale in stores close to you and online.

Energy Saving

Eliminate Plastics Completely

If you want to live an eco-friendly lifestyle, one of the pesky habits you need to kick to the curb is the use of plastic. Plastics in the form of bags, water bottles, or in the form of plastic-based fabrics like spandex, types of polyesters and nylon. These are non-biodegradable and toxic to both plant life and sea life. The less plastic in the environment, the cleaner the environment will be. Take note.

Plastic Usage

Encourage Fixing Instead of Thrashing

Most dumpsites are filled with recyclable, reusable, and repairable clothes, appliances, and equipment's all of which come from the personal trash cans of individuals. Not only does this contribute to piles of waste, but it also contributes to a lifestyle of ‘waste.'

The solution to this is to encourage fixing damaged items rather than thrashing them. When fixed, they can be pawned, sold, or given out to others who will need them. If this becomes a lifestyle, you will discover that you have become eco-friendlier.


Encourage Tree Planting

Plants generally play more roles than being foods for animals, shade for other plants, and beauty for the environment. Plants are responsible for reducing the carbon present in the environment.

To live an eco-friendly lifestyle you need to plant trees if you can and if you can't, ensure you plant shrubs, flowers and vegetables. By doing so, you will be doing the environment a lot of good.

Tree Planting

Encourage Less Use of Paper

Papers are produced from trees that are harvested. The more you use paper, the more you encourage the legal or illegal harvesting of pulp from trees. To be eco-friendlier as an individual or as a company – use less paper. Instead of using a paper notebook, use a tablet to make your daily notes.

Use less paper

Encourage Composting

When you compost your leftover meals, they might not be good enough for your consumption, but they will be just right for your plants and the soil. Compost serves as natural fertilizers. With compost, the amount of waste in the community landfill is also reduced.

In conclusion, using LED lights, using eco-friendly products, making natural shampoos, and bath products. Hiking and biking instead of driving are daily lifestyle changes we can all adopt to have a greener and cleaner environment. Is an eco-friendlier environment possible? Yes, it is, but we are all responsible for it.

Encourage Composting

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