Lists of household items that can be recycled

Lists of household items that can be recycled

Many people already know what recycling entails but don't realize there is more to recycling than collecting up the old newspapers.  Some items or materials have other great uses even after we think we have used them for all their usefulness. Fortunately, there are several ways to recycle what we thought to be waste in our homes. Not many of these items should be disposed of since there are new ideas to keep them useful.

Hello and welcome to our blog. This time on Eco Bravo, we will be looking at lists of household items that can be recycled. These new ideas can come in handy in keeping your environment safe and healthy for everyone. Besides, the ideas are quite classy if done the right way. It is worth knowing that landfill greatly affects our environment and degrades its climatic beauty. One of the best ways to care for mother earth is by recycling these household items. By doing this, we are preserving the environment and getting it back to shape. To make the earth a safer place, here are some household items you can recycle.


Book recycling may require a little more work. However, they remain one of the most common household items you can recycle. After reading the last page, newspapers, magazines, books, and other related items are dumped in the trash. The best option for relatively good books can be to donate them to different places such as charities, schools, libraries, and more. These places will gladly accept these books rather than dispose of them. Students will certainly love your novels when you give them out. If you need to throw out your old books because they are torn or badly worn out, you will need to check your local recycling regulations to find out the best method to go about it.

Old clothes

Is it time to rid yourself of old worn-out and unfashionable clothes? It is best to recycle them than pack them in the trash. There are ways you can recycle your old clothes. Think of cutting them into pieces to make pretty pillow covers. If you have creative cutting patches from old pieces of denim, you can easily stitch them to give them a beautiful appearance. Old clothes are other amazing gifts that charities will welcome. Get them all and donate them rather than burning or keeping them in the trash can.


After running a few miles or working out for a few months, you might decide that it is time to get new trainers for better exercise. Unfortunately, many of us end up tossing our worn-out shoes in the trash can. But you don't have to dump your old shoes to pile up in a waste heap. If you have worn your trainers a few times and you think you need a new one, donating them will be a great idea for recycling. However, if the shoes seem not to be wearable any longer, you can recycle them by reaching out to the appropriate recycling authority. You may look up different shoe companies that have recycling programs. Thankfully, most of these companies will accept your old shoes.

Ink Cartridges

Yes, ink cartridges house those beautifully colored inks, but they can be harmful to the environment when you dump them in the trash after use. Why? They contain toxic materials in their product ingredients. You don't need to bother about recycling them, as many office supply stores will help you get rid of them at the appropriate recycling centers. What more to expect? Many of these office supply stores understand you don't have to give it out for free regardless. As a result, some will even reward your effort for striving for a better environment by giving you a discount on your next ink cartridge purchase.

Holiday decorations

It's the holiday season, and you've got a whole lot of items to decorate your home. You've got to clean up a whole lot of items after decorating everywhere. It can be tedious cleaning work if you have broken strings of holiday lights or a stale Christmas tree? You need not worry as these items are recyclable.  Instead of dumping them in the trash, lots of local home improvement stores will help you collect these items, and in return, you get an offer choice coupon as a reward. Additionally, many shipping companies will collect back your old items for recycling.

CDs, DVDs, and VHS

Little effort is required for recycling your outdated CDs, DVDs, and VHS, just like other household electronics. If they are in good condition and you wish to dispose of them, contact the nearest local charity or a secondhand store to donate them. For the bad ones, get a nearby techno-trash disposal company. For VHS, it is best to remove the film since it can be toxic when melted. You can then recycle the remaining plastic case alongside other items.

Aerosol Cans

Tossing your aerosols can in the recycling bin isn't a bad idea. However, it could be a bad idea if you leave content behind before recycling. The liquids left in them are toxic and can be hazardous to the environment. As a result, they need special processing before recycling. Alternatively, you may reach out to your local recycling centers about the best method of disposal.

Old wine corks

There are lots of wine and liquor stores with cock recycling programs. It's a great idea to keep them as they offer great benefits, especially for crafty projects. It's awesome to know they are good for making magnets or trivets. Not convincing enough? You can search online to find craft makers that specialize in using these items for executing their projects.


While you may consider most of the items in your homes as worn-out, many people will certainly appreciate them if given out as gifts. However, toxic items should be properly disposed of; reaching out to the local recycling authority will be the best idea to prevent the environment from hazard. Thank you for reading. If you liked this article, there are many others. Visit our blog here at Eco Bravo or better still you can subscribe and like our blog to get the latest update. If you have inquiries or require advice and recommendations, reach us, and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

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