The Reusable Sanitary Pad; Is It Hygienic?

The Reusable Sanitary Pad; Is It Hygienic?

It is worthy to note that a reusable sanitary pad is made from environmentally friendly materials. These materials are biodegradable, and they last for a long time. There is more to a reusable sanitary pad than you think. However, many people wonder whether  it is hygienic.. And some people also want to know if it is better for their health. This is why today’s post will be on all you need to know about the reusable sanitary pad. Don’t forget that we promote healthy living, and also, we encourage protecting the environment in everything that we do.

What are reusable sanitary pads?

These are sanitary pads made from clothes, and they can be used many times. They are also called “reusable menstrual cloth pads''. How long it can stay for a day before washing depends on your menstrual flow. For some women, it can last for 4-5 hours. It differs since the flow varies from one individual to another. It is called “re-usable” because, after usage, you can still use it another time. After every use, you must take care and pay attention to washing it properly to remove all traces of blood and stains. It is comfortable to wear, and you don’t have to be afraid of getting stained because the cloth is made in different layers (lining) to protect you.

Reasons to use a reusable sanitary pad?

When reusable sanitary pads are mentioned, most ladies are fond of asking why they should go for this choice of a pad. If you are among those people wondering why you should use a reusable sanitary pad, here are a few reasons among numerous.


When choosing sanitary pads, one crucial factor to always take note of is how comfortable it is. The thought of monthly flow is uncomfortable, and it will be worse if you don’t use a better pad. Reusable sanitary pads are comfortable because they are soft to use. They are made from soft and safe fabrics. The disposable pads contain toxins, and you are advised to protect yourself from chemicals likely to cause you harm and discomfort. With reusable sanitary pads, there is no need to be afraid of having rashes after each period, and you can say goodbye to infection.

Reusable pads are made from skin-friendly materials. When compared to your disposable, they don’t have any plastic lining. The disposable pads are made of materials that include; plastics, synthetic fibers, artificial fibers, and more. All these materials make the disposable pad unhealthy and not breathable. This is why most women suffer from an allergic reaction when they use disposable pads. In a worst-case scenario, it can lead to a reproductive problem or a hormone disruption.

It reduces energy usage

If many women switch to reusable pads, there will be a reduction in the production of disposable ones. Making plastics is usually energy-intensive, and we are working towards reducing energy use. Logically, if a lady uses reusable, it means that she doesn’t need to buy a pad for about 3 years or more, depending on how she takes care of it. In today’s environmental situation, if all women should continue to use disposable pads, there will be more waste in the environment to take care of.

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They are healthier

You need to use healthy pads, and it has no leakage. This is the highest level of hygiene. The type of pads you use can affect your reproductive system. As a woman, your health is significant, and it has to be treated as such. How you live during your menstruation will contribute significantly to your overall health. Menstrual hygiene begins with using the right products. Reusable sanitary clothes are easy and healthy to use. It has a good absorbency potential; you can treat them just like your standard pad.

It saves money

With a reusable sanitary pad, you don’t need to think of how to cope monthly. Many ladies are usually terrified each month as their period days draw closer. They are often seen calculating how much they will spend on disposable pads. Disposable pads may seem cheap to some people, but it is a lot to many women struggling to make monthly payments. Any day, any time, reusables have got you covered.


Reusable pads are made from materials that don’t cause harm to marine animals, unlike disposables that are made of synthetic compounds. These compounds made them poisonous to the environment. Aside from this, they also have a low carbon footprint. A sustainable environment can begin with you if you switch to reusable today!


When it comes to reusable sanitary pads, the problem is often how to clean them.

How do you clean a reusable pad?

When cleaning reusable pads, you need to do it right. You can hand wash it as soon as you are ready to change it. Most people think that washing it is not easy, but if you try it, it is. You can get a bucket for your pad. Fill the bucket with cold water, soak the pad, then wash with detergent. Reusable pads are made of natural fibers. This includes cotton, bamboo, and more.

Note; There is no health risk involved in using this pad. All you need to do is give them a thorough wash and dry. Like your disposable pads, you must change your reusable pads at regular intervals. Don’t wear one for a whole day; that is not hygienic.

Switching from disposable to reusable pads may look exhausting, but you must take the first step and try it. Saving the environment is essential, but it is not just about the environment; it is also better for you. There is no better way to go clean than using biodegradable things.

I hope you enjoy this post. If you find this beneficial, then go ahead and try re-usable sanitary pads. Like and share this post. If you are using it already, please, do leave a comment or two in the section below. The goal is to work together to save the world from plastic use. If you are interested in using a re-usable pad, try it without fear.

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