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Reusable Washable Sanitary Pads (Set of 6)

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Set of 6 Reusable Washable Sanitary Pads
Experience more fearless periods!

In a world where we are constantly moving towards eco-friendly products, it is crucial to use these reusable and washable sanitary pads. Now you don't have to worry about stocking sanitary pads every month; we are here to provide you with the best quality reusable period pads which can be used again after washing them. By choosing us, you can care for yourself and the world by reducing the carbon footprint caused by single-use pads.

These super cool reusable sanitary pads are so soft and best for the eco-minded individual, entirely harmless and give you the freedom to move around without any fear of stains or leakage.

Key Features

  • Product Material – We take pride in revolutionising the world by delivering 100% eco-friendly reusable washable sanitary pads. The top layer is fleece with embedded bamboo charcoal to neutralise odours, the middle two layers are absorbent microfiber and the outer layer is a waterproof PUL fabric.
  • 100% Skin-Friendly – Due to the use of organic material, these multi-layered sanitary pads are best for your skin, ensuring no discomfort. 
  • Unique Design – These star-printed reusable sanitary pads are uniquely designed with foldable sides that don’t slide while you’re walking or running.
  • Easy to Wash – Can be washed both by hand or in a washing machine.

Key Benefits

  • No Staining or Leakage – Its multi-layer design saves you from leakage and staining issues, absorbing 4x more than ordinary pads. 
  • Anti-bacterialNo more irritation or rashes because of its anti-bacterial feature. 
  • Perfect for sensitive skinThese pads are ideal for sensitive skin and give you gentle care.
  • Convenient to use – You don’t need to be the Einstein using it, with foldable yet button closure it becomes convenient to use.
  • Soft like a Feather – They are so soft and comfortable and excellent for daily life activities.

The set includes:

  • 3 x small sized pads
  • 3 x medium-sized pads
  • 1x Waterproof Pouch with two zipped pockets for clean and used pads

Size guide:

3x Small reusable pads - 20cm x 17.7cm
3x Medium reusable pads - 25cm x 17.7cm 

The medium pad is for heavy flow.
The small size for light flow, or the last days of your period.

Washing Instructions:

Please remember to always wash any reusable sanitary products before using them for the first time.

Washing Methods - Can be washed both by hand or in a washing machine.

Soak-friendly – If you aren’t planning on washing your pads immediately, you can let them soak in water beforehand. This will greatly ease the washing process.

Dealing with stains – Should you notice any staining, you can add a touch of salt to the washing water.

Drying - When drying sanitary cloth pads, you can let them hang dry. Please avoid using the iron to aid in the drying process, as this can damage the fabric.

Things to avoid:

  • Bleach and fabric softeners – not only are they harmful to you and the environment, but the chemicals, contained in these substances can dramatically reduce the lifespan of your pads
  • Hot water – using hot water can damage the fabric and enable stains to set in. 

Expected product lifespan

If given proper care, these reusable washavle sanitary pads should last you for several years.

“Women in the UK use an average of 11,000 disposable menstrual products during their reproductive lifetime. This results in tampons, pads and panty liners producing more than 200,000 tonnes of waste per year, which can take centuries to biodegrade.“ Evening Standard 

Say goodbye to disposable pads and stop polluting the planet.