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100% Organic Cotton Bread Bag from Natural Fabric

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Keep your bread fresh and crunchy for longer at no added cost for your health or the environment.

Get yourself a couple of 100% Organic Cotton Bread bags and never again worry about mould, fungi, bacteria or damage to the environment.

Throw-away plastics are a huge problem in modern society. We are surrounded by plastics everywhere we go – they’re in our offices, our stores, our homes, and even in our fridge! Why is that? Because they’re cheap, convenient and easy to use! But this convenience comes at a cost that few people stop and think about. Not only does the production and disposal of plastics harm the environment, but plastic containers also leech dangerous toxins in our food, water supply and even the air that we breathe!

Whether you’re new to the eco-friendly lifestyle or a seasoned veteran, you’ll surely appreciate the ability to expunge yet another disposable plastic product from your life. And, with our 100% organic cotton bread bags you can do just that! It's also a perfect gift for your fellow eco-enthusiastic friend.

  • Premium Quality Cotton - made out of 100% eco-friendly, toxin-free, high-quality cotton, our bags are lightweight, yet surprisingly durable and very easy to maintain. Hand or machine wash them in cold water, don't tumble dry. Flat or line dry. They are made of unprocessed fabric, never washed or bleached, so they will shrink about 7-10% after the first wash, but will stretch back out.
  • Keep your baked goods fresh - We’ve picked cotton for this product not only for its eco-friendliness but also for its excellent aeration capabilities. A cotton bread bag will allow your baked goods to breathe better, preserving their freshness and unique taste for much longer than a plastic container would. As an added benefit, you’ll also never have to worry about mould, fungus and bacteria setting up shop in your bags, as the fabric offers natural protection against staleness.
  • An Excellent Green-minded gift - The perfect gift choice for any aspiring baker, as well as bread and baguette lovers, this cotton bread bag will bring a smile to the recipients face! Functional, stylish and easy to use, choosing Eco Bravo’s 100% Organic Cotton Bread bags will allow you to demonstrate your care both for the lucky friend or family member and the environment at the same time!
  • Hand or machine wash them in cold water, don't tumble dry. Flat or line dry. 
  • A Variety of Sizes to Suit your Needs: Our cotton bread bags come in 4 sizes-small, medium, large and extra-large, providing you with an answer for every situation!
  • Designs may vary*