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6 Pcs Eco-Friendly Bamboo Dinnerware Kids Set - Giraffe

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Make mealtime more practical, fun and safe for your kids with the help of our eco-friendly 6 piece bamboo dinner set with a cute and fun giraffe design.

*Please note the box is not included. We’re trying to minimise packaging as much as possible. Instead of the box, the set will arrive in a reusable bag.  


Make mealtime more practical, fun and safe for your kids with the help of our eco-friendly 6 piece bamboo dinner set with a cute and fun giraffe design.

Add the fun factor to mealtime. Make your kids smile and enjoy eating their food ❤️

Keep your children safe and plastic-free

Protect your children from exposure to dangerous toxins, while keeping them interested and entertained throughout dinner time, with the help of our colourful and lively bamboo dinnerware set for kids.


  • Built to Last - Our bamboo dinnerware set for kids is drop-resistant, impact-resistant and bend-resistant, the cutlery pieces, bowl and plate, are guaranteed to survive much longer than any of the alternative green choices.
  • Minimise the chance of spills - Spills are commonplace in any kitchen, especially when it comes to mealtime with young children and toddlers. But don’t worry - our bamboo feeding set is equipped to deal with this as well. High-rimmed and spill-proof, the bowl and plate also come augmented with an innovative silicone anti-slip technology, preventing them from easily sliding off the table.
  • Safe at all times - 100% eco-friendly, BPA-free and made from bamboo fibre, this set is designed to keep your child safe through dinnertime at no added cost for you or the environment.
  • Plastic-free, BPA Free, Phthalate free and Biodegradable 
  • Durable and resilient
  • Stackable
  • It can be used at home, outside in the garden or even at the park for a picnic. 
  • Suitable for girls and boys.
  • Suitable for hot and cold food.



1 bamboo plate 

1 bamboo bowl

1 bamboo cup

1 bamboo spoon (rounded edges & child-safe)

1 Bamboo Fork (rounded tips & tailored to child-sized portions)

2 suction silicon pieces to avoid messy accidents. 

1 PDF e-book “7 Steps to a waste-free life” (included free)


Dinnerware is beige with neutral shaded illustrations.

Silicon pieces are green.


Renewable bamboo fibres and traces of a food-safe melamine resin (dinnerware)

Silicone (suction pieces)

Dishwasher safe


Dinner set and suction silicone pieces can be washed in the dishwasher.  

Handwash safe


Microwave safe


Oven safe 



Plate 21x21x2cm

Bowl 16.5x16.5x4cm

Cup 9.5x7.5x7.5cm

Cutlery 13.5x2.5x0.5cm

Cup volume 


Age appropriateness 

Safe for children of all ages.



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