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Reusable Glass Water Bottle with Cork Sleeve and Bamboo Lid (600ml)

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  • Capacity - 600ml
  • Materials: Borosilicate Glass, Cork Sleeve & Bamboo Lid
  • Reusable and Eco-friendly
  • Suitable for all ages

A Safer Future

Adopt and maintain a firm stance against plastic pollution, all the while protecting your health from the dangers of BPA and PVC containers. Enjoy all the benefits of a conventional portable bottle, and suffer none of the downsides.

Reusable and Efficient

Expertly manufactured from top-grade ultra-clear glass, our reusable water bottles are designed with comfort and efficiency in mind. Requiring as little as a simple wash-up by hand, they provide you with a reliable and effective way to store your beverages wherever you are. Additionally, the product is completely leak-proof and comes equipped with a non-spill lid, as well as a heat preserving cap, ensuring optimal temperature retention.

Please note that cork is a 100% natural, reusable and recyclable material. This product is made by hand. Small imperfections and differences in shape are very normal.
The Perfect Gift

An excellent present for any green enthusiast, Eco Bravo’s reusable glass water bottle provide you with a practical way to demonstrate your care for the environment and the health of the recipient at the same time.
Always by your side

Our innovative approach to green design brings you all of the benefits of traditional bottles with none of their downsides. Exceptional durability, great temperature retention, no slips and no spills make our reusable glass bottles a great item to take to:

  • Your office
  • Business conference
  • The gym
  • The park
  • Hiking
  • Business trips
  • Holidays      

Built to last

No more flimsy plastics or dangerous disposable materials. Our reusable glass water bottles are built to last. Highly resistant to everyday wear and tear, a well-maintained eco-friendly glass bottle can serve you for many years. And once it’s done all it can for you, recycling is as easy as following the standard procedure for glass items.

Maintenance Notes

  • Wash before first use
  • Please avoid using bleach or chlorine-based products for cleaning the bottle

Please be mindful of the following

  • This product is NOT microwave-safe. Never place your reusable glass water bottle in the microwave.
  • This product is not meant for the transportation of boiling hot liquids. Allow them ample time to cool down before pouring to avoid potential injuries.
  • Should the product be filled with hot liquids, please keep it away from young children until it cools down.
  • Before placing the product in your bag or briefcase, take the time to secure the lid properly
  • Liability for damages caused by improper use and /or lack of control /protection and /or falls and /or heavy external loads occur is excluded.