Bamboo Cotton Buds
Bamboo Cotton Buds
Bamboo Cotton Buds
Bamboo Cotton Buds
Bamboo Cotton Buds
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Bamboo Cotton Buds

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Within the package you will find:

200 Bamboo Cotton Buds


100% Organic

Choosing an all-natural product allows you to protect both the environment and your loved ones at the same time! Enjoy a cleaner and greener life, all the while dramatically decreasing your household’s carbon footprint with Eco Bravo’s Bamboo Cotton Buds!

Completely biodegradable

Take a firm stance against plastic pollution and say goodbye to the dangerous, toxin-laden plastic buds today!

A new type of efficient and effective eco-friendly buds

Green, resilient and multifunctional our product can help you deal with a variety of cleaning, hygiene and make-up related tasks:

  • Clean your ears, nails or nose
  • Take care of your baby’s hygienic needs
  • Apply or remove make-up with ease
  • Perfect your lip line
  • Detail your nail varnish
  • Remove dust and dirt from difficult-to-clean electronics 

and more!


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