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Coconut Bowl

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Let your food be beautifully served without compromising natural resources!

We manufacture products from a desire to reduce waste and the devastating impact of single-use plastic on our environment! To solve this problem, we bring this beautifully handcrafted coconut shell serving bowl from ethically sourced coconuts, by the most skilful artisans on this planet. We even keep the natural shape of these coconut shells during production, so every single bowl has a unique look.

*Please note spoons and forks are not included

Key Features

  • Product Material – We strive to provide the best quality bowls crafted with natural coconut shells and decorated with eggshells.
  • Handmade Bowl – Our all-natural serving bowls are carefully hand-crafted by artisans that enhance your dinner table.
  • Easy Maintenance – Our zero-waste approach gives you the freedom to wash these bowls with lukewarm water and reuse.
  • Unique Size – On average, it measures 12-15cm (Dia.) x 4.5-6.5cm height, variations may occur due to the use of natural shells.
  • Exquisite Design – Each coconut bowl is creatively decorated with eggshells and coated with food-grade lacquer to protect its beauty.
  • Unique in its own shape, size, colour and markings.

Key Benefits

  • Eco-Friendly Packing – We eliminate the concept of plastic packing because our bowls come with portable storage bags.
  • No Harmful Chemical – Our all-natural coconut bowls are free from harmful chemicals, making it a perfect gift for anyone.
  • Multipurpose Serving – With its durable and resistive quality, it can be used for serving different room temperature foods.
  • Highest Quality – All coconut shells are sorted based on their size, before starting their new life as high-quality coconut bowls.

Inside The Box

  • 1x Coconut Bowl 

*Please note spoons and forks are not included


  • We recommend you serve the food at room temperature.
  • We don’t recommend microwave, dishwasher, or use in an oven.