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Natural Loofah Dishwashing Sponge (Pack of 5)

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Unlike plastic sponges, our ingeniously designed, natural loofah dishwashing sponges validate an eco-friendly yet healthier replacement that dramatically reduces your household carbon footprint while performing your routine cleaning chores. So start your healthy living journey by incorporating the use of natural and organic materials instead of composites because biodegradable products tend to be a perfect option for a cleaner yet greener environment. Many tasks, like washing dishes, cleaning tables, countertops, and islands, can easily be performed with these sponges without any hassle.

Key Features

  • Product Material – We take pride in delivering the finest quality, 100% natural materials like cotton and loofah plant, which is completely compostable.
  • Sustainable Material- The plastic-free and environment-friendly material ensures sustainability for eco-friendly geeks.
  • Convenient Usage- The natural loofah stays intact and sturdy even after several uses and warrants its durability with no bad odours.
  • Perfect Substitute- This set of dishwashing sponge will last for months and turns out to be a preferable replacement for your average plastic sponges that plays a role in contaminating the planet.
  • Wide Coverage- The product will enable an easy and vast coverage of your daily chores without any glitch.

Key Benefits

  • Healthy Living – Embracing these products into our daily life is a step toward an eco-friendly lifestyle on a budget.
  • 100% Non-Toxic – Unlike plastic sponges, our natural loofah dishwashing sponges are free from toxins and harmful chemicals, making it safe for human use.
  • Organic Packaging – We packed these sponges with love and care, as it also arrives in a biodegradable box.
  • Budget-Friendly – Perform your cleaning chores organically by using our sponges that are ecological and pocket-friendly.
  • Easy to Use – The lightweight and sustainable material glide perfectly on dishes and countertops.

Inside the Box

  • 5 x reusable natural loofah dishwashing sponges


  • Soak in water before initial usage
  • Dry usage will result in a faulty application