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Natural Loofah Sponges - Pack of 3

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Pack of 3 Natural Loofah Sponges
Ensure a greener planet by using organic products!

Did you know that you have been contaminating the environment by using plastic sponges in your kitchen, bathroom, or elsewhere! The environmental cost of such behaviour could be immeasurable, with millions of plastic sponges ending up in landfills at a constant rate. But, you have a chance to make a difference with our Natural Loofah Sponge.

These natural loofah sponges can be a wonderful addition for all routine cleaning chores! It does wonders in the kitchen by cleaning the dishes with perfect ease and can help you in the shower as well with an effortless glide. Unlike plastic loofah that tends to degrade the surroundings, our eco-friendly sponges are the perfect alternative and will be an excellent start on your organic journey.

Key Features

  • Product Material – Our sponges are made up of 100% natural loofah plant.
  • Lasts For Longer – The product allows an efficient use for up to three months without any hitch or issues.
  • Multifunction – It makes cleaning effortless, giving you the freedom to either use in the kitchen for dishwashing or in the bathroom.
  • Healthy Living – A perfect way towards a sustainable lifestyle with a lesser chance of consuming toxicants that are found in plastic products.
  • Travel Friendly – It comes with an eco-friendly yet biodegradable pouch, giving you the freedom to carry anywhere along with you.

Key Benefits

  • 3 Months Lasting – A single natural loofah sponge can last up to three months keeping in mind its organic nature.
  • Biodegradable –The decomposition of this material is completely hassle-free, enabling a non-pollutant environment.
  • Affordability – It is an ideal yet affordable alternative for your plastic sponges and does more than the usual task.
  • Improving Lifestyle – Enhance your living conditions by utilising a recyclable product that can improve your health and immunity.

Inside the Box

  • 3 x natural loofah sponge
  • A reusable cotton pouch


  • Soak in water for two minutes before initial usage.
  • Replace the product with a new one after three months.