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Set of 2 Natural Coconut Bowls + Bonus Reusable Bag


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Welcome to the Green Side - Hand-crafted from real, all-natural coconuts, these bowls are the perfect choice for any eco-minded individual, looking to steer clear of dangerous plastics and shrink their carbon footprint. Surprise your friends, relatives and co-workers with a safe, practical and stylish way to enjoy their meals and protect them from toxins, without harming the environment.

Durable - Prized for their natural resilience, coconuts are a champion in durability and more than capable of withstanding drops, concussions and everyday wear and tear. Unlike their disposable (and dangerous) plastic counterparts, our reusable coconut bowls will be able to serve you for as long as you need them!

Functional and stylish Each of our coconut bowls has been hand-made from natural coconuts, introducing natural variety, unique colour patterns as well as minor differences in size and shape. Enjoy your meals in style, all the while protecting the environment and yourself against the dangers of plastic pollution!

Easy maintenance - You can quickly and easily wash your Reusable Coconut Bowls by hand. Not recommended for the dishwasher.

Take the next step

So, you’ve already changed your eating habits, thrown out the junk food, stopped buying plastic bottles and limited your waste generation. That’s great! But there’s still more that you can do! The next logical step is to replace as many throw-away items in your household with reusable or biodegradable alternatives. And our Reusable Coconut Bowls will help you do just that!

All-natural and Hand-made

Hand-crafted from real coconuts by experts with great attention to detail, our bowls are designed to surpass their throw-away counterparts in all regards. More durable, more aesthetically pleasing and entirely eco-friendly, they will allow you to enjoy your meals in style, without putting yourself or the environment at any risk.

The Perfect Green Gift

Surprise your friends, co-workers or loved ones with a beautifully made and practical eco-friendly gift. An excellent choice for green living veterans and beginners alike, our Coconut Bowls are the perfect gift for any eco-minded individual.

Within the package, you will find: 

  • 2 Natural Coconut Bowls
  • Easy to carry storage bag

Product Specifications:

  • Perfect for travel, camping, vacations, business trips, family get-togethers and more
  • Durable
  • Reusable
  • Eco-friendly
  • Plastic-free packaging

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Product Reviews

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