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Water Soluble Plastic Free Cleaning Sachets (Set of 5) - Just Add Water

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Water Soluble Plastic Free Cleaning Sachets (Set of 5) - Just Add Water 

Our eco-friendly cleaning products set includes the following:

  • Kitchen cleaner - 4 refill sachets (enough for 2 bottles of cleaner x 1 litre each)
  • Bathroom cleaner - 2 refill sachets (enough for 2 bottles of cleaner x 1 litre each)
  • Floor cleaner - 3 refill sachets (enough for 3 bottles of cleaner x 1 litre each)
  • Glass cleaner - 2 refill sachets (enough for 2 bottles of cleaner x 1 litre each)
  • Multipurpose Cleaner - 4 refill sachets (enough for 2 bottles of cleaner x 1 litre each)

How to use our eco-friendly cleaning sachets

  1. Drop the sachet into a bottle (no cutting or tearing necessary)
  2. Add water (cold or warm) 
  3. Shake until the sachet is fully dissolved

      ***Please note: bottles are not included in this set. You can purchase our reusable heavy-duty cleaner spray bottles here

      The concept

      The innovative design of our water-soluble, plastic-free and eco-friendly cleaning sachets allows our customers to drastically reduce their carbon footprint by reusing their containers.

      Each cleaning sachet is loaded with the exact dose of super-concentrate that is needed for a productive cleaning session. Furthermore, we’ve also made sure that the sachet themselves are fully enclosed in water-soluble film, eliminating any need for cutting or tearing and therefore significantly lowering the risks of accidental exposure.

      All that you need to do is dilute the contents, and you’ve got enough eco-friendly cleaning solution to deal with any domestic or commercial situation. Drop your sachet, add water and shake until dissolved.

      Our innovative eco-friendly and plastic-free cleaning sachets provide users with a wide range of benefits. The design has allowed us to completely remove water from our end of the equation, resulting in a much smaller size, easier transportation and no storage hassles. This has resulted in significantly reducing the carbon footprint of our product by lowering its production, packaging, transportation and storage requirements, all the while allowing us to provide you with sustainable alternatives at a very competitive price range. 

      The benefits

      • Compliance with the highest industry standards for quality and eco-friendliness
      • Sustainable packaging options
      • Green Transportation
      • Affordability
      • Small, lightweight and compact products
      • Reusable bottles
      • Completely biodegradable
      • 100% Plastic-free
      • Safe to use

      Entirely focused on sustainability and ease of use, our products allow you to drastically reduce your carbon footprint and lower the number of plastics in your home. Reliable, reusable and eco-friendly, our water-soluble plastic-free cleaning sachets also come in 100% plastic-free packaging. 

      All our products comply with EU regulations and are laboratory tested against market-leading competitors to ensure they can perform alongside the best.