5 reasons to avoid using a plastic bag for food packaging

5 reasons to avoid using a plastic bag for food packaging

A food package is designed to protect and preserve the nutrient composition present in the food. The best way to protect food against all forms of harm is by packaging it. The reason why most food is contaminated is that it is not adequately protected. When food is poorly packaged, many factors cause harm to the food and make it unfit for consumption. These include; physical and chemical elements. In today’s world, many people use all various kinds of packaging to preserve food without considering how harmful it can be to the health of other people. This includes using plastic bags as a form of packaging. This is more harmful than not using any form of packaging for our food.

In today’s post, we shall consider why you should never use plastic bags for food packaging. Plastic bags may be convenient, but they harm our health.

Plastic bags cause land and water pollution

Everyone across the globe has used a plastic bag at one point. The convenience that comes from using a plastic bag is what people like. However, these plastic bags are lightweight and can easily be moved by wind and deposited in water bodies. The water further carries it from one point to another. Similarly, when plastic bags are disposed of on the street, they don’t decompose. After many years, you can still find them littering everywhere.

The plastic bags don’t degrade, and those made of petroleum are usually no better off. This is because even after thousands of years, they will remain the way they are. These plastics, when not manufactured from petroleum, are made from natural gas. Still, all these materials are non-renewable. When next you go grocery shopping, take your time and study the environment you live in. You will notice that plastic bags can be seen everywhere.

They are toxic to humans and animal life

The plastic bags used to package the food we eat are toxic and poisonous. This is because they are filled with harmful chemicals. When they get into our body system by chance, the plastic component disrupts normal body function. This is due to its effort to mimic some hormones in the body. This includes the estrogen hormone. The reason why most people tend to complain about hormonal imbalance is as a result of what they use in their food packaging. Some of these things are detrimental to health, and they need to be avoided.

In addition, when animals mistakenly consume these plastic bags, it negatively affects their digestive system, and the way they function generally will also change. This often leads to the death of some animals. This is one of the primary reasons why we need to stop the use of plastic bags for packaging. We need to save our planet and conserve wildlife, or else, they might as well go into extinction. It is easy for sea animals to mistake whatever they see as food. Most of them end up being suffocated while struggling with plastic bags.

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They are costly

Plastic bags may be a convenient choice for shopping and food packaging, but they are costly to clean up from the environment. It is not easy to remove plastic bags from landfills and the ocean. Beyond this, the cost associated with the production is high, the amount spent to extract its resources before production is expensive. However, all these expenses don’t promote good health in any way. Instead, it leads to loss of lives and depletion of the ozone layer.

Plastic bags contribute negatively to climate change

Our actions usually affect the climate negatively. This is why we all need to watch what we do. Plastic bags are everywhere because everyone uses them. If no one uses them, they won’t be in our environment. Products like plastic bags obtained from polyethylene are non-renewable. The extraction of materials for their production leads to the emission of GHGs (Greenhouse Gasses). A study has shown that climate change results from these Greenhouse gas emissions.

They are never easy to recycle

The process and equipment needed to recycle plastic bags are costly. The plastic materials are challenging to break down entirely due to their composition. Due to the cost and effort involved, most plastic bags end up in water or on our land. Therefore, the only way out is not to use them at all.


What is the alternative to plastics?

The best option is always to use reusable. These materials can be used as often as possible since they are durable. Resources don’t need to be extracted every single time for their production. Your effort is required to help save the earth. In every home, the use of sustainable products needs to be highly encouraged. Start by educating your family and loved ones on the need for a sustainable environment. It is easier for them to see reasons with you. Let them understand the problem and the role they play. Then, you can proceed to help them with alternative options.

Plastics can easily travel from one distance to another. They have no weight, and they cause several harms to our society. Plastic bags are everywhere and in every home. The decisions to save our society can begin with you and your family. Your little contribution will help to protect the environment and conserve wildlife positively. Plastics are something small, but they are hazardous. Resistance synthetic can be found in plastic materials. They are never completely broken down.

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