5 Food Sources That Are Healthy and Eco-Friendly

5 Food Sources That Are Healthy and Eco-Friendly

If you properly consider the cheeseburger, meat, and processed foods we consume, you will understand we have been doing more harm than good to the environment. Our food sources can threaten our health and the environment, and you can do better when you know better. And the truth is that there are many people like you acting based on ignorance.

At Eco Bravo, we seek to enlighten people so you can make the best decision for your health and the environment. Also, you can find healthy and eco-friendly products on our platform at affordable prices. But we aim to enlighten you about the process of lifestyle that will be beneficial to your health and the environment.

Do you know you can enjoy sumptuous meals while saving money by going green and organic? Going organic does not mean you have to eat only green plants, but also meat, dairies, and other food items that have undergone organic processes of production. And to ensure that you keep enjoying tasty, and delicious meal, we will show five sources you should consider for your food from as shown below:

Buy local fruit and vegetables

Environmentalists will always encourage you to buy locally produced fruit and vegetables. Those you find on the shelves of the supermarkets have lots of miles on them being imported or transported from far off countries. These inorganic food items have added more carbon to the atmosphere than those produced locally, thus causing environmental harm. Also, these local fruits are healthier because they are organically grown, containing no preservatives. The fruits and vegetables produced in most commercial farms have to be preserved with chemicals to appear fresh, and these chemical buildups can be harmful to your health. Let us know your experience if you have any as you comment below on your thoughts on fresh food from local sources or preserved food on the supermarket shelves.

Don’t buy out of season fruits

Have you wondered how you see off-season fruits on the shelves of supermarkets and how they found their way to your location? They have been transported from places where these fruits and vegetables are available all season. These fruits are usually harvested when they have not matured enough, so they will be fresher when they get to their location. And some have been preserved with chemicals so they can endure the long-distance journey. Now consider the carbon burnt in getting these fruits and vegetables to your location and how they would have impacted the environment. Also, the chemicals used in preserving the fruits and vegetables through the journey will affect your health over time.

Now that you know this, we at Eco Bravo are sure you will consider taking off-season fruits you see on the shelves and go for organic products instead.

We recommend grass-fed beef

You should also consider the source of your beef, whether the cattle are grass-fed or grain-fed. And we will recommend you buy beef that is grass-fed for health and environmental benefits. Research has shown that cows fed with grains develop E.coli in their stomach, which is not healthy for human consumption. In addition, cows grazing with grass are healthier because they contain beta-carotene, vitamin E and omega-3 fatty acids. However, beef obtained from cows fed with grains also causes more harm to the environment because of the fertilizers used on the grains. The cows will end up with their waste on farmland used as manure, and this finds its way to the soil, causing environmental degradation. So the next time you buy beef, consider homegrown beef that the cows have been fed with grass rather than those from mass production that has been provided with grains.

Source fishes from their natural habitat

Fish and seafood are rich in nutrients, and they will help prevent illness like heart and cardiovascular diseases. And health experts recommend eating fish and seafood for their immense benefits. But you must consider the source of the fish and seafood from natural sources like lakes or artificial ponds where they have been exposed to chemicals and preservatives. Fish production has become a massive investment globally, and there has been an increase in artificial fish farms where preservatives and other chemicals are used to fatten the fish to increase profit. These artificial fish ponds have become a problem to the environment, and they are causing more havoc with the waste water laced with chemicals from the fish ponds finding their way to the natural water bodies and the soil. They pollute the environment, increasing the rate of diseases as fish and sea animals crowded in spaces eating their waste and transporting diseases efficiently. By minding the source of the fish and seafood, you will protect yourself and do your part to reduce your carbon footprint.

Go organic

Organically produced food is free from chemicals and preservatives, and organic farming practices preserve the environment with techniques such as crop rotation, compost farming, and other natural processes. So when next you go shopping, look at the labels for organic manufactured, for they are healthier and eco-friendly. Also, you will be promoting businesses and encouraging organic farmers, adding your impact to protecting the environment. At Eco Bravo, you can order organic food products such as fruit snacks, organic honey, etc. These organic products are not only healthier but affordable as they have undergone shorter distances in getting to the market.

Now you have seen that you may not entirely be missing out on your best meal with a healthy and eco-friendly food source from these five sources of food. You can get healthier and eco-friendly tips from Eco Bravo by registering on this platform and following us on our social media platforms. Here you will not miss out on the latest update and will have access to the previous topic on the forum.

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