5 Organic Teas That Are Both Healthy And Eco-Friendly

5 Organic Teas That Are Both Healthy And Eco-Friendly

In the last few years, the awareness of the importance of our health and wellness and the sustainability of our ecosystem went over the bar to the point that only a few will not know what’s going on. This has directed a ton of attention toward herbal teas and their health benefits and risks.

Organic teas have been in existence for decades and were widely used by the wise people in ancient times for several purposes. Most of these teas are produced from leaves, stems, flowers, fruits, and other parts of different plants. They come with different tastes and flavours and serve different functions. The most interesting part is that new age science is now looking into these teas and are proving some of the uses to be positive. Today, we want to show you some of the herbal teas and how they can help you improve your health.

Mint tea

The number one organic tea on the list here is mint tea, also known as peppermint tea. Although it serves numerous functions in the body, it’s well known for its ability to aid, improve and solve digestion problems. This can be attributed to the menthol it contains, which helps keep the stomach muscles in a relaxed condition, enhance circulation, and inhibit inflammation, thus putting problems like cramping and stomach pain at bay. Mint tea is also discovered to be very effective in aiding the smooth digestion of foods by relaxing the digestive muscles and improving the production of bile. Other studies have also stated the possibility that peppermint increases mental awareness and alertness. These are the reasons why trying peppermint tea is a good idea for anyone having digestive problems and who wants to stay active, refreshed, and awake for a productive day.

Rosehip tea

Suppose you have ever wondered how you can get a boatload of beneficial vitamin C and other nutrients. Rosehip tea might be what you need to consider adding to your diet. It is a herbal tea with a nice flavour and amazing taste made from rose plant dried fruit. Experts have it that this tea has the ability to tackle inflammation. This special function is possible due to the plant compounds and specific fats that are loaded in the tea. Other reports also show that it has an antioxidant effect that can help reduce the ageing rate and helps overweight people to lose weight.

Nettle tea

Nettle tea is another herbal tea that science is now backing up most of the health benefits that the ancient people have always used it for in the past. The tea can be made through drying and crushing of its leaves, fruits as well as other parts of the plant. It is a wonderful tea that has been proved to have an effective positive impact on the urinary tract, stimulate the production of insulin to lower blood sugar levels, and prevent health issues such as inflammation, diabetes, arthritis, cancer, heart diseases, and obesity, and so on. All these benefits come from the polyphenol and other essential and healthy compounds embedded in it. If you are looking for a nice tea loaded with immense health benefits that you can add to your diet, nettle tea is one of the great choices that you can make.

Lemon balm tea

A good way to start your morning is a nice tea with the soothing taste of a paradise lemon and an aroma that reminds you of how beautiful your day will be. This is lemon balm tea in action. It is made from the Melisa plant, one of the mints containing plants and is widely known as a relaxing and calming herb. The reason for the name can be traced to its most obvious function: to improve the calmness and comfort of the body. There are reports that lemon balm tea can help lower stress levels, enhance sleep quality and regulate digestion and nervousness. Research has it that this amazing tea can improve skin and artery elasticity, thus serving as a super diet in fighting against heart diseases and ageing. Words are not enough to describe the benefits and feelings until you try it yourself.

Chamomile tea

Chamomile tea is another herbal tea that is safe and beneficial for the body. This excellent tea has been in existence for many years and is made by drying the flowers of the chamomile plant. It is blessed with a specific compound common to many plants called flavonoid. The flavonoids account primarily for the positive health benefits of the tea. Studies show that it helps regulate blood sugar, prevent cancer, aids sleeping and fights against inflammation and other diseases in the body.


It’s nice to know that the herbal remedies our forefathers have used in the past also have a place in the modern world. There you have some of the safe and beneficial health tea that you can start to consider as part of your list. You can’t really know their true worth until you try them out. Do that and enjoy the blessings of organic herbal teas while you keep the planet safe.

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