Eco-friendly Ways of Transportation to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Eco-friendly Ways of Transportation to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Transport contributes a considerable percentage of the carbon emission into the atmosphere. And this may not change anytime soon as the world still depends mainly on fossil fuels to run the global transportation industry. Thus your movement, mode of transport, distance covered, and the duration of time spent on the road contribute to your carbon footprint. Therefore, to reduce your carbon footprint and be a positive change to climate change, you will have to consider your methods of transport.


Since transportation plays a vital role in your carbon footprint contribution, we will highlight ways you can manage your carbon output in your movement. At Eco Bravo, we have conducted research and surveys in understanding the transportation carbon map and how we can cut down our carbon footprints. These methods are attainable and sustainable, and it is what we can do in our everyday life.

To help the environment, you should adopt the following ways to reduce your carbon footprint:

Carpool to work and travel destination

If there is any place you go to regularly, such as work, training or school, then you should consider carpooling with others that go the same route. You can find out those close to you that go the same way regularly, and you can all plan to drive every day. It will help reduce your carbon footprint and those of your carpooling partners. The people involved might plan to draw a schedule on which car to use and who to drive daily.

Also, for long journeys, it is now common for people to save costs and enjoy the company of others through carpooling. It will also save you the cost of spending money on fuel and maintenance of your vehicle. We encourage carpooling to reduce the number of cars on the road and less carbon released into the atmosphere.

Adopt alternatives such as electric vehicle

Electric vehicles are an excellent alternative to the standard fossil fuel vehicles for they emit far less carbon and are safe for the environment. And with improved technology, you can get a hybrid electric motor that is highly efficient and saves more energy. So although they are not in mass production and you will have to consider your source of electricity in charging your electric motor, they are a far better and cleaner option to transport yourself around. But with development in the manufacturing of electric vehicles, it has become more accessible, especially in developed countries.

Using public transport

Unless absolutely necessary, you should ditch your car for public transport to save you money and cut down on your carbon footprint. It has become easier in most developed countries to move around by public transport such as buses or trains for they are timely and reduce the number of time spent on the road. Public transport will help you relax and enjoy your trip, and it beats manoeuvring traffic and the hectic commute that involves driving daily. Now imagine all the people on buses and trains driving their cars to work or their destination. That will increase the amount of carbon footprint astronomically daily.

Drive fuel-efficient cars

We understand that you may not afford the electric cars or may not have a reliable source of electricity to charge the electric vehicle. But if you must use a car, get a fuel efficient car that will use less gas and reduce the amount of carbon expelled into the air. Then, when you go to a dealership, consider the car's fuel consumption before deciding to buy or rent a particular vehicle. You will be saving money with fuel-efficient cars as they consume less fuel and are usually low-cost maintenance vehicles.

Walk and bike more

You do not have to drive everywhere, especially for short distances destinations, and burn carbon in the air. Why not consider walking or riding a bicycle which is way more fun than riding in your car. You can get to observe your surroundings, enjoy the sights and sounds as you walk down or take a bike to your destination. These activities have many health benefits as you stretch more muscles and get your blood pumping fast. Rather than sitting in a car and driving to places like a shopping mall, enjoy some fresh air and burn off some calories as you reduce your carbon footprint by walking to the closest supermarket. Time to get off the wheel and enjoy nature more with natural air on your skin as you walk or ride your bike.

Find local sources for your needs

You cannot depend on what you have in your house all the time, and you will have to go out to get groceries, entertainment, meetings, socialization, and much more. To reduce your carbon footprint, we will advise you to source for your needs locally: visit the nearby market for your groceries, patronize the local farmers for food items, entertainment and hangouts. You can take a walk to the nearest supermarket or visit the nearby clubhouse or pubs for your socialization. By considering local sources first, especially when they are available, you will be reducing your carbon footprint and encouraging local businesses.


Minimizing your movement will reduce your carbon footprint, which will significantly impact protecting our environment. We have shown you six practical ways to reduce your carbon footprint through your activity. You should start applying them now. It can help if you understand that your effort will go a long way in impacting climate change today.

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