Simple Eco-friendly Approaches To Save Money and Protect The Environment

Simple Eco-friendly Approaches To Save Money and Protect The Environment

Take a look at the world around you, and you will notice that the earth is in trouble thanks to human activities and how you and everyone have been using the earth's resources without consideration. As you will have noticed, we have lost a lot of greenness with the planet, as land is being used for building, factories and other industrial acts to feed our insatiable demand from the earth.

For today, the tips from Eco Bravo will be on simple eco-friendly approaches that will help you save money and protect the environment. You must understand that your approaches to preserving the earth will go a long way in reducing the human effect on our environment. Also, your actions will sway others to the right side of protecting the environment through your activities. So do not feel your efforts are too minute in the struggle to preserve the environment.

Therefore, the following approaches will help you reduce your carbon footprint and protect and manage your environmental resources.

Reduce your water usage

Water is fast becoming a scarce resource with an increasing global population. And the rising amount of consumption of water daily is affecting our ecosystem, so there is a drastic need to change our habits. For example, you use water daily for cooking, bathing, and cleaning, and we spend energy pumping the water and circulating it around the home.

Some of the ways you can reduce daily water usage include:

  •       Installing aerators that reduce the water flowing away from the sink.
  •       Installing low flow showerheads that reduce the flow of water.
  •       Put a brink on your toilet tank to reduce the water used to find the toilet.

The above methods of reducing the daily usage of water will save you money and preserve environmental resources.

In addition, save money and energy on laundry by line drying

You obviously love your washing machine for making life much easier with fast and effective laundry. But at what cost to the environment? You will be paying much for electricity and polluting the environment using the washing machine for washing and drying. However, with line drying, you will spend less and expose your clothes to the natural atmosphere, enhancing their quality and durability. You will be saving money from electricity and from polluting the environment. Another way to reduce the energy dissipated in the laundry is to reduce the number of times you wash by waiting for the clothes to pile up so you can wash more once.

Walk or ride a bicycle and stay fit

Do you drive a car, take the bus or taxi more often to places of short distances? Then it is time to analyse your mode of movement and the carbon footprint you leave behind with each activity. We advise you to manage your carbon footprint by reducing the fuel you burn while you move around. Now consider close distance places you often go like the mall, market, the park and other nearby areas and the mode of transport.

You can reduce your carbon footprint and save money by reducing the money spent on fuel and transport. For instance, you can ride a bicycle or walk to places nearby rather than driving or catching the bus. You will also be doing a lot of good by burning off the excess calories.

Cook rather than buy food

Cooking at home will reduce your carbon footprint when you consider going out to eat. However, there are several ways to add more carbon to the environment when you go out often to eat. For instance, going to a restaurant will involve spending money on transport, increasing your carbon footprint.

But cooking at home will require less carbon footprint. You will not need paper bags for your meal in case of takeaways, and you will use organic homemade products for cooking your meal.

Read newspapers and digital books online

We live in a digital age, and you can save lots of trees from being cut down to paper by going digital. You can find news articles from popular platforms rather than buying the newspaper. You will join the increasing number of people that have gone digital with their news.

Also, go digital with your reading by buying your favourite books on digital platforms rather than on paperbacks. Subscribe to online book clubs and reading platforms, reducing your carbon footprint and protecting the environment.

Opt for reusable water containers

Ditch your disposable cups and go for mugs or reusable water bottles as you save money and protect the environment. Disposable cups find their way to the dumpsite pilling up, and they take longer to decompose than other products. With the reusable water containers and mugs, you can use them for a longer time, saving you money and reducing your disposable products that find their way to the dumpsite. Also get reusable spoons and plates made from eco-friendly material on display on Eco Bravo.

Get a recycle container

If you want to make a significant impact on protecting the environment, then you have to get a recycle trash can for your recyclables. Instead of ditching those plastic containers, bottles and other products that you can recycle, you can save them up on the recycled trash for pickups or take them to the recycling plant yourself.

In conclusion, you can help protect the environment and save costs on your daily activities with these seven tips. These are simple tips that you can apply without breaking the bank, and you will go ahead to save costs in the long run.

We at Eco Bravo hope that this topic has been informative and insightful to you and we would love to hear from you as you comment below. You can check out our previous content like “5 Organic Teas That Are Both Healthy And Eco-Friendly". Also, it will be best for you to follow us across our social media platforms and have full access to all articles, tips and interactive sessions on this educational platform. 

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