5 Ways To Reduce Global Warming

5 Ways To Reduce Global Warming

Everyone has a role to play in climate change reduction. The long-term warming of the planet’s temperature is referred to as “global warming”. It happens gradually, and it has a lasting impact on nature. For instance, there will be an environmental imbalance if the forest is continuously depleted for commercial purposes (this leads to global warming). This is because the primary source of oxygen is plants. 

Global warming can result from greenhouse gas emissions, fossil fuel and other factors. All these factors contribute to world warming faster than what was recorded in history. The warming of the earth disrupts nature’s balance. And this can lead to destructive storms, increased drought, rising ocean levels, loss of species, food insecurity and more. Changes in weather patterns lead to increased health complications. This results from air pollution, increased hunger, extreme weather conditions and poor nutrition.

Many ask, “what can they do to reduce global warming”? A whole lot can be done from your home’s comfort. This is why today’s post is channelled towards helping you realise how you can contribute to reducing global warming.

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Below are the ways to reduce global warming:

Turn off your electrical devices when not in use

People usually ask, “why should I unplug my appliances”? When you turn off your appliances, you help to save energy. When you leave your devices on and are not using them, there is no gain for you. It is a loss because you get to spend more money on electricity bills. Turn off your laptops, computers, gaming system, and other kitchen appliances when not in use. It also helps to extend the lifespan of your devices. When your appliances and gadgets are unplugged, damage cannot be easily done to them when there is a spike in electricity.

Recycle more

Recycling is essential because it helps to reduce the need for raw materials. The energy used in extracting raw materials can be saved and channelled towards something else. To keep the environment clean, develop the habit of recycling more. This is a better way to preserve our natural resources. For instance, when we recycle paper, it prevents deforestation. Some of the world’s natural resources can be protected by recycling what we have. Making products from scratch needs lots of energy to extract the metal.

Avoid food wastage

Many resources are needed to grow food and make it available to consumers. These resources include land, water and energy. Food wastage is one of the primary factors that contribute to climate change. With much food being wasted, resources are wasted as well. Food wastage is a problem, and families should consider making only what they can consume within a certain period. Globally, millions of people don’t have what to eat. It is better to make the most of what we have. Instead of waiting for the food to spoil and disposing of it, give it out when it is fresh. Wasted foods contribute to carbon dioxide production.

Manage your daily energy use

energy management

Energy management is vital to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Energy management relates to tracking and reducing one’s energy consumption. You can monitor your energy bills to know your level of energy consumption. The total energy consumed by every household is increasing, which will not help our environment. Energy management is more than switching off unused appliances or unplugging your gadgets when not in use. Energy management relates to machine maintenance and optimising energy use. Energy can be systematically planned before usage, and it can also be stored for the future. This will help to achieve environmental sustainability.

Change your ways of transportation

If you want to change your means of transportation, it will be better to consider fuel-efficient vehicles. With this, you will spend less on fuel. If you are looking forward to buying a new car, please do proper research and ask questions. This is to ensure that you are not purchasing what will cause harm to society. Most importantly, there will be fewer greenhouse gases. Car users are significant contributors to climate change daily. Please note that you don’t have to drive everywhere you are going. This will help to reduce air pollution. Highway vehicles emit harmful particles into the environment. Lastly, oil is non-renewable energy; use a car with better fuel efficiency.


Plant a tree

If you want to fight global warming, consider planting trees. When they are grown, they help to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Trees can be planted near your homes or in the community area. It makes the neighbourhood more beautiful. In addition, they hold soils in place and reduce runoff. The benefit of planting trees cannot be overemphasised. They are the source of the oxygen that we breathe in. Plant a tree today, and encourage your loved ones to do the same.

You can make a difference by speaking up on topics that relate to climate change. Let your family, friends and colleagues know about the impact of global climate change. Global warming is a serious issue that needs urgent attention. Therefore, whenever you have the opportunity, talk about it with people. They may be aware of the term "global warming" but do not know how to reduce its impact. If the role humans play in global warming can be reduced, it will go a long way to help. Since global warming affects everyone, we should be willing and active to participate in activities that reduce its impact. Please, help others to be informed and understand the reason why they need to change their lifestyle.

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