7 Ways To Lead a More Eco-Friendly Lifestyle

7 Ways To Lead a More Eco-Friendly Lifestyle

There are a lot of people in the world today who want to have an eco-friendly lifestyle, but they have no idea how to go about it. They want to protect and conserve our natural resources but end up depleting and polluting without realising it.

The first thing an eco-friendly person should learn is how to take things easy. There is no need to rush anything. Changes start small. If these little changes are sustained over time, they become a part of your life. When it becomes a part of your life, every other thing comes easy.

Hello there and welcome to this edition of our blog post. We at Eco Bravo know what the environment needs to stay healthy, and we do not hesitate to share these ideas with you, our esteemed readers. In this article, we will be discussing some of the simplest ways to make ourselves eco-friendly.

What are the best 7 ways to lead an eco-friendly lifestyle? 

By becoming aware of our natural resources

Before having an eco-friendly lifestyle, you have to be aware of the resources around you. Pay close attention to everything you do, be it using water, or travelling, or using products. You should also know the manufacturing practices and resources used to make these products.

Start conserving

Awareness helps you to make these eco-friendly choices. However, practising these choices is the next step. These conservative choices are not too difficult. It could be simply turning off the lights before going to bed. Or it could be more complex like reducing the use of your car to avoid air pollution. Either way, once you start practising conservation, nothing is difficult anymore.

Try to conserve water

We talked about easy choices earlier. What is easier than turning off the tap after use? Or taking short showers? Or fixing the leaking pipes at home? A massive amount of energy is required to pump the water from the ocean bodies to your homes. So, the less water you use, the more energy you conserve.

eco-friendly lifestyle - tap water

Plant more trees

If we plant trees, not only are we doing the environment a favour, we are doing ourselves a favour too. These trees give us oxygen, clean air, fruits, prevent erosion, and even shelter our wildlife. It can even keep hot areas cool during summers. Do not cut down trees unless it is absolutely necessary. Instead of cutting down trees, plant more. Its recreational benefits are also great.

Reduce food waste

Whether it was intentional or not, wasting food is not eco-friendly. There is no valid reason for food wastage. So why would you want to waste all resources that are invested in the food we eat?

Wasted food even generates greenhouse gases that deplete the ozone layer and even cause land pollution. You can do well to prepare just the amount of food you and your family need.


Use more natural products and fewer fossil products

It may be almost impossible to do without fossil-based products, but you can always minimize their use. There are many organic substitutes for them which are more eco-friendly.

We at Eco Bravo advise you to use them. For example, plastic toothbrushes are rampant everywhere. As an eco-friendly neighbour, you can visit Ecobravo online stores and order for bamboo toothbrushes. They yield the same result in terms of cleaning, but one is more eco-friendly than the other.

Patronize locally grown goods

The carbon footprint in our environment can be reduced using locally grown goods. There are two major advantages to it. One, you will be helping local industries and farms to grow. Two, you will also be doing the needful, keeping yourself and your environment eco-friendly.

For instance, instead of going to stores to buy processed and canned foods, you can always walk into a local farm or store where locally grown goods are sold. There, you will get fresher and healthier products, and most times at a reduced cost.


All it takes to lead an eco-friendly lifestyle is simply making conscious decisions to be aware of your resources and try to conserve them as much as you can. Every other thing gradually falls into place.

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