Help the environment by going green

Help the environment by going green

Everybody is talking about going green nowadays. Is it because of the numerous benefits? Well, yes. Going green makes the planet more habitable and sustainable in different ways.

Hello and welcome to this informative blog post that has to do with saving the planet. We hope you will be able to learn a thing or two to help you with your understanding.

Before we talk about the many benefits of going green, let us remind ourselves what going green actually means. 

So, what do we mean by going green?

It simply means doing whatever is necessary to make the environment a healthier place to live in. It can be done through the use of the three Rs (reduce, reuse, and recycle). This concept is very easy to practice and is necessary for the protection and preservation of the natural habitat, natural resources, and biodiversity.

Why should anyone consider going green?

There are numerous benefits to going green. These benefits are evident at home, work, and in the economy as a whole. There are different people scattered around the world looking for better ways to go green.

These people know that making the environment eco-friendly means the survival of nature as we know it. There are many practices that are eco-friendly, and below are a few of them:

  •         Purchasing eco-friendly items
  •         Recycling biodegradable products 
  •         Eating green and organic foods
  •         Choosing greener modes of transportation 
  •         Reducing the consumption of paper and other products from trees
  •         Reducing energy consumption, etc

Now, let us discuss some of these ways going green can help the environment. We can always summarize these benefits into three categories for easier understanding. These categories are:

Health benefits of going green

People have always worried about the health condition of our dying environment. Going green actually helps to reduce pollutants in the environment. Even breathing air that is clean can extend one's lifespan. Did you know that recent studies have shown that air pollution is the cause of almost two million deaths annually?

going green - air pollution

Staying healthy has benefits that cannot be overemphasized, and one cannot be healthy in an unhealthy environment for too long. You can start by using eco-friendly products instead of artificial ones because doing this reduces the toxins and chemicals around us. These toxins and chemicals reduce the body's ability to fight infections and diseases.

The health of our environment always has a direct impact on our body's health and even the quality of our foods. For example, if you consume polluted food or water, it can always lead to illnesses and diseases.

Economic benefits of going green

One of the important reasons people go green is its ability to cut costs and save money. Renewable energy, for example, has been known to reduce the consumption of energy, thereby saving money that could have been spent on electricity bills.

going green - electricity bills

Going green can even save you water bills as well since you will be more conservative, using what is enough for you or your household. Purchasing water-saving plumbing systems and energy-saving appliances have been known to save people a whole lot of money around the world.


Products that can be recycled will definitely last longer, saving you money that could have been spent on maintenance and repair. When you recycle, not only do you avoid wastage, but it makes you more creative with the products you have. Recycled products are not even as costly as other products, saving you production costs.

Recycling waste can even save you some money that could have been spent on waste disposal. In some countries and states, people now receive discounts for buying and living green homes since they consume less energy, reducing maintenance and utility costs in the process.

going green - recycling

Nowadays, the renewable energy and maintenance sectors are generating more employment opportunities for the public, thereby strengthening the economy.

Environmental benefits of going green

Going green has many environmental benefits. It could lead to responsible land use and farm practices, reduce greenhouse gases and air pollution, preserve rainforests, animal habitats, and the ecosystem, reduce wastage, etc.

The importance of recycling is still evident in these environmental benefits. Waste is a major source of pollution. If you go green, you reduce waste, and if you reduce waste by recycling, you can always enjoy its benefits, environmental or otherwise.

When we practice green living, we create a greener environment. With better surroundings, air, and food, there is every tendency to live longer. So, go out there today, start living green, and make this planet a better place to live in.

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