A Healthy Way to Make Loose Leaf Tea

A Healthy Way to Make Loose Leaf Tea

Staying healthy and being well is the key to living a happier life. The healthier you are, the wealthier you become. To stay healthy, you need to practice good hygiene, a healthy diet, and adequate sleep. Of course, we can't forget to mention weight and strength management. Taking tea is another significant aspect of complete well-being. Should we tell you it’s a great asset in the fight against cancer? Loose leaf tea is a weapon for cancer and also prevents damaged cells from accumulating. Before we go further into why you need to drink this fantastic tea, let's understand what loose leaf tea is all about.

What is loose leaf tea?

We are quite confident that, many a time, you have come across tea, tea that is prepackaged in tea bags. That is not loose leaf tea; this particular tea we are talking about is not prepackaged and it is plastic-free. The leaves of this tea are not crammed into plastic tea bags as well. Loose leaf tea is of higher quality, aroma, and flavour that provides a strong fresh taste. Loose leaf tea is not brewed into a leaf bag. Let’s be clear; teabags are not loose leaf tea. This particular tea of discussion makes use of leaves that are of higher quality than the tea brewed into tea bags. Are you still contemplating choosing between leaf tea and tea bags? Let us clear your doubts.

Is loose leaf tea better than tea bags?

Are you confused about the choice to make between loose leaf tea and tea bags? The best way to set the confusion straight and clear your doubts is by making a cup of these two teas. After making a cup of both, you will go ahead to taste it, and you will make your judgement. Loose leaf tea has a unique taste and sensation. There is no doubt with the fact that tea comes in different grades. Loose leaf tea is of the best quality, it is an antioxidant, and it provides vitamins. That is why you shouldn't ever consider making tea bags a choice to make for your home: teabags have dust and fanning forms of tea.

Do you understand what that means? No right? Let us explain. Dust and fannings are tiny particles that result from tea being crushed. Now, think about it, after crushing the tea, what are the necessary ingredients present in the tea? The tea has automatically become a waste product of the tea leaf. When your tea is broken down, think about the tea taste and the nutrient present. Does it still have any value to offer to your body? The answer is no. Loose leaf tea, on the other hand, has not been tampered with; its freshness and taste are conserved. It has so much nutritional value for your body. Its flavour is first to none as well. Now, can you tell us why you are not making loose leaf tea your option?

There is nothing as important as taking in substances with confidence that you are consuming what is right. The same goes for these tea options. Loose leaf tea is safe for consumption. You can gulp it in without any atom of fear or worry about the aftermath. Have you ever thought of the baggage used for tea bags? If you are yet to think about it, let us help you out, those packages for tea bags are mostly made of plastics. Don't you still know what that means? It means you are consuming plastic molecules; these teabags have been exposed to harmful chemicals during the manufacturing process rendering them unsafe for consumption.. Even the ones not made of plastics have little or no nutritional value to pass to your body because the bag would have absorbed the nutrient meant for you. If you are interested in taking tea, it would be best to consume loose leaf tea because bag tea is dust with no nutritional value to offer. Loose leaf tea is organic and natural; what other option can be better than this? None! This is the purest form of tea that your body needs to help you fight against diseases. Loose leaf tea will make you stay healthy and strong. Organic tea is rich in nutrients such as iron, magnesium, vitamins and many more. Taking organic tea is the most beneficial for the environment as well. Are you already curious about how to make loose leaf tea? Relax, everything is here for you. Keep reading!

How to prepare loose leaf tea?

To make your loose leaf tea, you will need nothing much. All you do need is either a strainer or an infuser. You will also be needing your hot water, and most importantly, you will need the tea leaves. If you love to enjoy it sweet, you can add a bit of sweetener or milk. Let's take this preparation one step after the other, for easy understanding.

Step 1

Get your kettle and pour in freshwater. By freshwater, we mean water that is yet to undergo boiling. And also, take note, you cannot use distilled water. For you to get the best taste out of your tea leaf, you will need neat water. You are free to make use of an electric kettle, stove, or even a saucepan isn't excluded from the available option.

Step 2

Boil the water, let it reach 100-degree celsius. To bring out the best flavour from the tea, you can remove your water from the heat source once the water starts to simmer or once you observe that it is boiling. If you have a thermometer reader, you can make use of it to take the temperature of the water. This particular step depends on how you want the outcome of your tea to be.

Step 3

It is best to measure your loose leaf tea by the gram. Don't make the mistake of measuring by volume. This is because this tea comes in different sizes. Suppose you are confused about how to count by the gram. Try taking your measurement by using teaspoon and tablespoon; the former is for smaller leaves, the latter is for more giant leaves. When the leaves are small, take roughly a spoon using a teaspoon. When the leaves are more prominent, measure out a scoop using a tablespoon.

Step 4

Add the measured tea to your tea strainer. If you don't have a strainer, a teapot is an available option. Pour your hot water directly on the tea leaves. You will have to be patient for about 5 minutes. This is because the tea has to steep out. Do not steep for more than 5 minutes to avoid getting a bitter taste as a result.

Step 5

Here comes the final step; you can now remove your tea leaves from the water since it has steep already. In case you are making use of a teapot, there is no doubt that you will need a tea strainer over your cup to separate your leaf from tea. You can go ahead to do away with the tea leaf since it's no longer of any use. If you desire to add milk or sweetener, you can add a little to taste.

What to do with loose leaf tea?

Are you wondering what to do with loose leaf tea? Below are some amazing results of taking loose leaf tea.

  • Presence of antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. This tea helps to prevent your body against diseases. It gets rid of damaged cells. If you don't take loose leaf tea, the damaged cells will accumulate together in your system. This is so harmful to your health. This tea contains a chemical known as Polyphenols; some people know this chemical as catechins. This is what makes tea an excellent antioxidant.

  • When tea is taken fresh, it makes you well, and it gives you the strength needed to go through your daily activities. Loose leaf tea is fresh; it will make you well. This tea also gives your bone strength.

  • Loose leaf tea is a vital substance for your kidney. Unlike your coffee that contains caffeine that is dangerous for your kidney, caffeine is a strong stimulant that leads to an increase in blood flow, causing pressure or stress on your kidney. We are sure you wouldn't want to go through the stress of a kidney transplant, right? Then, try consuming loose leaf tea because excessive caffeine leads to a kidney stone.

  • By taking this tea, it serves as a hormone neutralizer, leading to the growth of osteoclast.

  • Being obese is a disease. By consuming loose leaf tea regularly, it leads to a fast reduction in body weight. It also makes your waist slimmer. It aids quick food digestion by removing unwanted toxins from the body. High blood pressure, fatty liver, cancer and stroke all result from being overweight. It is best if this tea can be consumed, it will significantly help. The tea gives more energy, and it also improves breathing. With this tea, you can't but feel at your best always.

How do you get loose leaf tea?

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