Myths About Green Living

Myths About Green Living
The idea of climate change was not understood in previous centuries but it’s when the effect of global warming begins to show that man begins to observe and access the result of his activities on the planet that causes concern At this point, if we choose to do nothing, it’s only a matter of time before humanity vanishes into space. This is why the topic of eco-friendly living and sustainability is now more important than ever before. However, as much as everyone is making adjustments to keep the house safe, some people still find it difficult to understand what’s happening. These people have loads of impressions about sustainable living, most of which are far from the truth. In today’s post, we want to debunk some of the myths about green living that are drawing back the movement towards a greener planet.

These are the five biggest myths about green living

You Can’t Avoid Disposable Plastics

Do you also believe that you can’t avoid plastics? Well, you might be right if you mean all plastics. However, you will be wrong if you include disposable plastics because you can easily do away with them. For example, instead of using plastic bags that will clutter the environment, you can choose to use a jute shopping bag or tote bag when visiting the grocery store. This act alone eliminates disposable plastics to a large extent. Reusable glass water bottles, mesh, cotton produce bags, and sanitary pads are other alternatives that help you eliminate disposable plastics. The catch is that you can completely avoid disposable plastics. And if you need to use a plastic material, it must be sustainable and reusable.

Eco-Friendly Home Products Are Scarce And Expensive

Another myth about sustainable products is scarcity and high cost. Many people believe that it costs a lot to live an eco-friendly life. To them, organic items are scarce, and the price is high. Eco-friendly products are not just organic products. It involves every item that has a sustainable line from production to usage. They pose little or no threat to human health and the ecosystem. It can be using reusable materials to reduce waste, changing plastic for degradable items, and going organic. The truth is that the products might look costly on the surface, but a careful analysis will show that they’re actually saving you money. Reusable sanitary pads, for example, relieve you of endless purchases of conventional pads. Over the years, you will have saved a lot more than you spend while you keep the planet clean.

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Sustainable Living Is Boring

Some people believe that green living is a boring thing to do. They think that it means to live within restrictions and enjoy little of what life has to offer. This is not true. Deciding to live eco-friendly doesn’t mean you should deny yourself of those things you love. Rather, it’s the act of doing what you cherish in a sustainable manner. There is always an eco-friendly way to do what you want, be it beauty, partying, or domestic and office cleaning. All you have to do to live sustainably is to do it in a way that preserves the planet. Instead of using chemicals to clean, opt for a plastic-free cleaning sachet, reusable cleaning sponge, and cloths. You will still do what you want, only in a way that does not harm the environment.

Paper Is Better Than Plastics In Green Living

Some people believe that paper materials are better, while others claim that reusable plastics are better for the ecosystem. Each group equally has a point. The former argued that paper is biodegradable, which means it won’t harm the environment like plastics. Conversely, the latter point out the long-term greenhouse gas emission from papers. The claim is that it’s more severe than plastics. We are not here to give an answer on who’s right or wrong. Rather, we want to give you a better option. Discard paper or plastic when shopping and opt for reusable cloth bags. They’re sustainable and degradable, thus greener than plastic and paper alternatives.

Sustainability Is All About The Ecosystem

The reason some people are yet to take green living seriously is that they think it has little to do with man to its environment. But that’s not the reality. Although green living is centred around saving the planet, the main thing it’s preserving is the future of humanity. As wise enthusiasts will say, “if we don’t solve this environmental problem in this century, the next generation of humanity is in deep trouble.”

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