Six Everyday Home Swaps To Go Plastic Free

Six Everyday Home Swaps To Go Plastic Free

Eco-friendly living is familiar to most people. The problem is no more what to do but how to do those things that will make the planet greener. Transitioning into a plastic free lifestyle can be quite overwhelming, especially when we expect a perfect journey. However, with gradual small daily changes, anyone can build a sustainable lifestyle and contribute their part to reduce waste and keep the planet safe. Plastics are one of the leading sources of environmental waste and degradation. We should find every means to reduce its usage, so it doesn’t end up in our lands and oceans.

Home swaps you can make daily to go plastic free:

Wheat straw bowls

Environmental changes involve our manner of eating and the items we use. Wheat straw plastics are a new popular alternative to making plastic utensils. It’s a super eco-friendly option made from agricultural waste after wheat grains have been harvested. Wheat straw bowls are decomposable and don’t leave out any toxic materials in the environment. You can also use them in your freezer and microwave, following the fact that they’re gluten-free and non-allergen. Since wheat straw provides an alternative to paper, it helps beat down the rate of tree felling, making the planet even greener. It’s generally good for your health and the environment.

Bamboo drinking straw

Another source of plastic waste comes from our need for drinking on the move. A research report states that over eight billion plastic straws litter the world’s beaches. Therefore, eco-friendly living demands that you go for reusable and degradable options, the best of which is bamboo drinking straw. With these straws, you won’t lose out on quality because you want to save the planet. They are as good and safe, if not better, than plastic straws. All you need is to rinse them after every use, and you have another plastic out of your home.

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Jute shopping bag

Jute bags are an eco-friendly way to get rid of plastics. With one to two years of biodegradability, you can be sure that your choice of visiting stores is not harming the environment. Jute bags also guarantee a reduction in landfills and ocean waste on account of their reusability and durability. In case you’re worried about fashion, there are jute bags with aesthetic designs that suit your taste. Businesses can also use these bags as a means of advertising. Your customers will appreciate your gift, and the long-term usage will continue to spread your brand name. That way, you will get more results from small investments. If you are worried about forgetting them when going out, keep them at your door, so you always remember.

Reusable Sanitary pads

A 2022 study shows that more than 28,000 tons of menstrual product waste are generated in the United Kingdom every year. Plastic menstrual pads are the leading contributors to these wastes. These wastes are generated during production, transportation and consumption. Reusable cotton sanitary pads are your healthier and eco-friendly choice. These pads are reported to reduce cramps and infections thanks to their breathability feature. Using reusable pads reduces waste not only to the environment but also to waste money on the recurrent purchase of plastic ones.

Bamboo makeup remover pads

While satisfying beauty needs, we send adding more plastics to the environment. An example is the one-time use of plastic we use to clean off our makeup. The good news? You can now remove your makeup without harming the environment. And the answer lies in replacing plastic options with Bamboo makeup remover pads. Both serve the same function, but the latter meets your intention for a greener planet.

Reusable Safety razor

Every plastic safety razor you’ve ever utilized is somewhere littering the planet right now. You can stop this today by getting a reusable safety razor for your shaving needs. Because you swap the blades and use only new ones each session, the sharpness of the blades allows you to have a closer shave better than disposable plastic alternatives. It’s easier to clean, which prevents acne from clogged bacteria in double-edged plastic razors. You can also recycle the blade, ensuring a complete zero-waste shaving process. We were already used to safety razors before disposables took over the market. Now, we have discovered that it’s the better option for our skin, pocket, and environment.

With all said, it’s important to know that the eco-friendly approach is to utilize the items you have first before getting new ones. In this modern day of environmental problems, it’s no wiser to use items only once. We all need to shift our habits to favour quality over quantity. If you have plastics, make sure you utilize them and get the swaps only when you exhaust them. That’s the right zero-waste movement you should take. We hope you learn something today.

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