What to stop buying in the new decade and save money?

What to stop buying in the new decade and save money

Hello everyone, it’s a lovely day to be alive.

This time we are going on an eco-friendly education spree where we let you know what not to buy in the new decade to be an environmentalist. Are you wondering if you’re not fully upholding all the eco shopping rules? Do you want to learn eco-friendly buying rules?

Today we will talk about things you should stop buying in order to not only protect the earth, but also help you save money. Some of them are a little far-fetched in their ability to help the planet, but making the effort is what makes us different from the rest.

Our no buying list for the new decade will help you in every way necessary so that you can lead a happy eco-friendly life. These lists of do not are an essential part of protecting the planet.

What to stop buying in the new decade?

Foreign goods

When buying, only go for goods produced in your state or country and which are sold at your local market and stores. Since they are closer to home, they won’t need so many chemical processes, eco-harmful packaging, and transportation that foreign goods tend to go through.

Remember that the journey of these goods from their country of origin to where you are has created a lot of harm to the environment, which is bad for your health and not eco-friendly. Local foods and species tend to also be cheaper, so you will also save money.

Don’t buy foods out of season

Another thing you can stop buying in the new decade is food out of season. When planning your meal, choosing foods in season means that they would be fresh in the local market, but choosing a meal that requires ingredients out of season means that they have been processed, chemically preserved or stored.

In other words, they have caused a lot of harm and yet they are not as nutritional as the fresh ones. If more people followed the rule of eating only what is in season, then there won’t be a need for processed or packaged foods. 

what you should stop buying in the new decade

Don’t buy it new

When you need to purchase an item, consider taking the second-hand approach first. Most second-hand goods are still usable. Sometimes they are so good that you might wonder how they ended up there.

Buying them helps in reusing products as opposed to getting brand new ones and helps you save money. This way they don’t go to waste and you still get what you want.

Don’t shop with disposable Shopping Bags

Disposable bags generally involve nylon which never degrades and goes on causing harm to the environment. It is a lot better if you have a personal shopping bag that is made of eco-friendly materials like cotton, which won’t tear easily and can be reused over and over again.

reusable produce bags

Don’t choose disposable packaging

A lot of products are shipped and dispatched each day, this means that a lot of reusable materials are wasted. When sending out or receiving packages, opt for those that can be or have been recycled. This way, we cut down on the waste of useful materials.

Don’t buy storage containers that can’t be recycled

Instead of using nylon or plastic that can’t degrade with time, why don’t you go for wooden or metallic containers to preserve your foods. For the whole foodstuff, you can try buying a storage cloth bag or beeswax paper to store your items. For samples of other eco-friendly household products read our blog on the topic.

Don’t buy what you don’t need

Choose to buy only necessary items and not just things you want. If an item isn’t needed now, then don’t get it, wait for when it becomes necessary before purchasing. Try to cut down on buying luxurious wants that are not needed for anything more than to show off. But if you have to buy a luxury like a car, then go for a good second-hand car for your use rather than buying a new one. Never buy what you do not need. You will be amazed.

eco-friendly beauty products

Don’t buy disposable items over cloth items

Disposable is more convenient and easy to use, but they are a complete waste in addition to being harmful. Consider using reusable products instead. It’s preferable to buy cloth products, like a reusable diaper or sanitary pad that can last a long time and serve all needs. These items are not only eco-friendly, but they are a healthy choice. 

Don’t buy eco-harmful cleaning or beauty products

Most cleaning and beauty products are harmful to the environment even if they are effective. For a win-win choice, go for products that are green and effective. There are many cleaning and beauty tools that work as well and even better than their more harmful counterparts and yet remain good for the earth.

eco-friendly cleaning products

This list is a means to shape ourselves as an environmentalist as well as a means to stop the continued harm to our planet. If you think that you have more to add to our list, kindly let us know through the comment section.

Do you also have a story to tell us about your experience as an environmentalist using these tips mentioned? Were you able to save money? Sign up or log in to make your comments. We would love to hear your thoughts on what do you think we should all stop buying in the new decade.

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