5 Reasons Eco-Friendly Living is Important

5 Reasons Eco-Friendly Living is Important

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Have you ever heard of eco-friendly living?

Unless you have been living in a cave, you must have heard or read about going green.

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear about eco-friendly living? Saving the planet? Cutting back on natural resources depletion? Preserving mother Earth for future generations?

Great! You get the gist already. Let’s take a look at why you need to join the “Go Green” trend today.

Eco-friendly living is a rather popular term today. Everyone is going green in one way or the other. From cutting back on carbon emission to reducing plastic use and many more, it has become a crucial task for everyone one of us to save the Earth and save ourselves.


The Earth is faced with much worse danger than it was in the past decades. A UN report shows that human consumption of Earth’s natural resources has tripled over the last four decades. Oxygen depletion is on the rise and so is the depletion of clean drinking water and other notable resources. Energy is yet another important resource that received a great blow from civilization. Today we consume more energy than ever and even more, energy is being invested in producing plastics which is consumed at an alarming rate today, pushing the earth further towards extinction.

Thankfully, while, undoing the havoc created overtime may be impossible, we can carry out some committed efforts to cut back on the rate of resource depletion, and save the planet from an abrupt end.

Explained below are some of the reasons, why eco-friendly living is absolutely necessary today. Take a look!

1. It Improves Human Lives

The primary goal of eco-warriors is creating a better world for future generations. Besides destroying our planet through harmful practices, humans also expose themselves to noxious chemicals that deplete the quality of life over time. Today, cancer and other life-threatening diseases are on the rise. While these diseases date back to several decades, it is an undeniable fact that they are a lot more common than before. Our day to day products are not left out either.

Research shows that most skincare products and processed foods contain harmful chemicals detrimental to human lives. Prolonged use of these products would result in degenerated health conditions and even newer diseases. Turning to healthy ‘green’ products ensures that you are not exposing yourself or your family to harmful chemicals. You would not only protect the environment but protect yourself against diseases too.

2. Less Wastes Produced

One of the top challenges facing the world today is the disposing of wastes. With our ever-increasing population, humans tend to produce more wastes than can be disposed of properly. Hence, making room for wrongful disposal, which comes back to sting us in the end. Today, it is a common practice to dispose of sewage and plastics in water bodies, thus polluting the water and making it unfit for drinking, bathing, swimming and other human activities. By making your own compost and recycling used products, you cut off a substantial amount of waste from the usual amount produced every year. Even better, you would save yourself the cash you would have spent replacing old products.

3. It Saves Energy

A major challenge we face today is consuming more energy resource than the earth can replenish. Virtually everything we use today was produced with some amounts of energy. However, some products tend to consume more energy than others. Being eco-friendly involves turning your back on these energy-consuming products and patronizing products which requires little to no energy for production.

Plastics, for example, requires tons of energy for production. Sadly, trillions of plastic products are produced every year. You can only imagine the amount of energy wasted on plastic production every year. Do the math! This is why eco-warriors preach against the use of plastic products, go for eco-friendly products instead.

4. It Saves Money

As far-fetched as it may sound, maintaining eco-friendly living saves you a lot of cash. Yes, it does! From the outside, you may think going green means breaking your bank to protect the planet. But in reality, eco-friendly living is actually cheaper and saves you a ton of money. For starters, you learn to recycle and reuse. If nothing else, this little process can save you a great deal of cash that you would have ordinarily spent on buying stuff fresh.

Also, being energy conscious means you won’t waste as much electricity or gas as you would before the “awakening.”  While that is a great step towards saving yourself, your family, and the planet, it is also a great way to save some cash that would readily be spent on excess electricity and gas. These are just a few examples. In every aspect of green living, you are sure to save the planet and some cash too. It’s a win-win situation!

5. It Preserves the Environment

All in, the major importance of being eco-friendly is to preserve the environment. For a long time now, we have been in fierce combat with our environment. From deforestation to releasing noxious pollutants into the environment, we have been waging a self-destructive war against the environment, which may ultimately lead to the end of life on earth.

To preserve the environment and make it sustainable once again, we need to curb these harmful activities by turning to a more eco-friendly solution. Instead of deforestation, we should make better use of the lands we already have. These trees provide oxygen to humans and cleanse the atmosphere of carbon dioxide, thus, maintaining a balance in the ecosystem. By cutting them off, we are automatically disrupting this balance, leaving more noxious gas in the atmosphere and less oxygen for human consumption.


Green living is for every one of us. The planet is dying and it is our duty to salvage what is left of it. From carpooling to using ‘green’ products, we all have a role or two to play in restoring the planet back to its initial glory. Get on board today. Save yourself and your family. Save planet earth!

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