Can bamboo products replace single-use plastic products?

Can bamboo products replace single-use plastic products?

It is evident that single-use plastic products are one of the largest manufactured products in the world. Billions of them are produced daily in the world and are greatly used in different forms.

Many of our basic and usual use falls into this category of single-use plastic and we could actually say that we have lived adaptably with them thereby making it seems challenging to live without them despite the disadvantages and harmful effects they have on our health and the environment.

Over the years, our world has grown to become a dumping ground for trash that has huge negative consequences on our living and environmental wellbeing. With our disposable attitude which has become part of the world and appears not to be backing off, it is then certain that we will have an increasing issue of pollution problems subsequently.

Since plastics are not biodegradable, they are degradable over time. In order words, they are being compressed and broken down into tiny particles over the years. While it is being broken down, certain toxic chemicals which were formerly used to shape and harden them during creation will be released into the soil and water and this could be transferred into our food and water. 

They are frequently buried in a landfill or they probably get into the water where they have been transported into the oceans.   

Regardless of the increasing consequences, plastic has changed our regular day to day existence. Being one of the affordable materials to deliver on the planet and its capacity to take numerous physical structures, it has been a distinct advantage in the sorts of items we are ready to make.

Think about each wireless you have possessed, each toothbrush, the bundles you open when acquiring something from the store, and even the materials utilized inside our vehicles.

The use of plastic has become an essential product in the development of our way of life, society, and financial prosperity. However, it also comes with shortcomings;

  • A greater portion of plastics that a used are never reused or recycled (about 50%).
  • Biodegradation does not occur instantly with plastics. It takes a thousand years for total biodegradation to be done on plastics.
  • More than 1 million plastic packs are utilized each moment on the planet.
  • Making plastic products require non-renewable energy sources (oil), which builds our planet's carbon immersions.
  • Billion pounds of plastics are finding their way into the ocean 

Just to mention a few of the reasons why consuming plastic is detrimentally affecting our lives and environment and why we have to lessen our utilization of plastic. After a seemingly endless amount of time, these issues possibly keep increasing when no substitute is successfully found. And now we could find a relatively adoptable means which is sustainable and eco-friendly; bamboo.

Can bamboo products replace single-use plastic?

Bamboo products are made of a very sustainable and ecological material that is biodegradable unlike plastic and has antifungal and antibacterial properties. It takes a great number of years for plastic to biodegrade and is the main source of pollution everywhere throughout the world.

Bamboo has turned into a very considerable source of today since it has such a significant number of positive characteristics when contrasted plastic which is injurious and detrimental to humanity. Apparently, we are not to be persuaded to choose what source we want between plastic and bamboo, it is obvious that the subsequent effect of bamboo as a major source of production is more preferable than plastic.

Lately, bamboo has been known as the "green gold" of current occasions. This super-fueled plant grows like a weed regarding how rapidly it can develop and where it can live. There are such a significant number of motivations to move far from plastic and change altogether to bamboo. A portion of these reasons include;

  • Bamboo can develop and grow to maturity and be ready to be harvested within a few years (this is usually between 4 to 5 years).
  • It is biodegradable. In other words they can easily decompose as a result of biological actions especially by microorganisms.
  • They are capable of growing independently without the support of fertilizers.
  • Bamboo can develop in various sorts of situations and in different locations in the world (China, Africa, USA and South America,).
  • Bamboos are oxygenic in nature. When compared to other plants, they are capable of producing about 35% of oxygen more than others. This makes them more helpful to the environment.
  • They are also capable of rebuilding eroded soil and they really do not need to be replanted like other plants.
Amazingly, these are reasons to choose and say bamboo products should be replaced with single-use plastic products. The expenses incurred in the production of bamboo are amazingly low because of the greater level of accessibility and availability this material has.
Let us examine few single-use plastic products that could be replaced with bamboo;

Drinking straws

Millions of plastic products are used and thrown away daily in the world. Different producers have been able to suggest and bring an alternate reusable natural bamboo straw to light. With what I have seen, this natural bamboo straw can be used for hot or cold drinks, they are dishwasher-friendly, durable and reusable.

A toothbrush

Toothbrushes are an essential product since everyone has to brush their teeth daily. On average, a single person uses and disposes about 2 to 3 toothbrush in a year.  A bamboo toothbrush is another amazing product to escape the use of plastic in production. A plastic toothbrush also contributes greatly to environmental pollution. Most bamboo product could be 100% biodegradable which means every part of the toothbrush could either naturally or artificially be recycled.

Others include:

  • Handcrafted wireless bamboo keyboard and mouse

  • Bamboo eyeglasses and case

  • Bamboo rolling pins

  • Bamboo phone case

  • Bamboo basket

  • Bamboo cotton buds

  • Bamboo cleaning cloths

Bamboo Cleaning Cloths

  • Bamboo cutlery and drinking straws
Bamboo Cutlery Set
  • Reusable bamboo makeup remover pads 
Reusable Bamboo Makeup Remover Pads
  • Bamboo dinner set for kids 
Bamboo Dinner Kids Set












All of these bamboo products are a push to ensure a sustainable environment and a rescue from the harmful effects of plastic on humanity. It is therefore pertinent that we encourage the push for the change.

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