Eco-friendly gifts for your loved ones

Eco-friendly gifts for your loved ones

We're facing a number of threatening situations because of the way we live our lives and treat the environment. The planet is in serious danger because of many human practices.

Animals that live in natural habitats are in danger of extinction, trees are being cut down more than they are planted, automobiles and man-made machines are emitting gases that are depleting our ozone layer, plastics and other types of wastes are polluting our lands and water bodies, to mention but a few.

At Eco Bravo, we've taken it upon ourselves to help in the fight to save the planet. One of the ways we think we are helping is by using our platform to enlighten the public on all the different options to become more eco-friendly. We are also selling eco-friendly products that can substitute for the fossil-based products you see around today.

In this article, we will be discussing some of those eco-friendly products you can get as gifts for both yourself and your loved ones. These gifts can serve dual purposes:

  1. It is always a good thing to present your loved ones with gifts and surprises.  
  2. You will still be doing the environment a favour with the nature of the gifts you will be presenting to your loved ones.

Going straight to the business of the day, here are some of the eco-friendly gifts you can present to your loved ones:

Five pack Bamboo cleaning cloths with a reusable bag

There are regular cleaning clothes, and there are bamboo cleaning cloths. The difference is in their Eco-friendliness.

Bamboo cleaning cloths are more eco-friendly since they are made of more organic products. So, what comes to mind when you want to wipe surfaces clean and leave them free from dirt and germs? It should be the bamboo cleaning cloth. They also come with a reusable bag.

Reusable bags are very important as they can effectively carry some of your little personal items around. Not only are they more eco-friendly than regular bags, but they are also fancier and give you more aesthetic value.

eco-friendly gifts - bamboo cleaning cloths

Five pack natural dishwashing sponges

Sponges are essential for cleaning our items and surfaces. They get rid of stains that normal cleaning clothes cannot get rid of. What if we told you there are sponges that are also eco-friendly?

The five-pack natural dishwashing sponges are eco-friendly and have been confirmed to have the same desired effect as your regular sponges. The production of these materials involves natural processes and materials. Also disposing of these sponges causes little or no pollution to the environment.

eco-friendly gifts - dishwashing sponges

Reusable glass water bottle with cork sleeve and bamboo lid:

Have you ever had to travel or go on any kind of trip without water? That could lead to dehydration, which is definitely not good for the body. Plastic water bottles have always been the order of the day, but they are not eco-friendly.

Have you tried Glass reusable water bottle with a cork sleeve and bamboo lid? If no, what are you waiting for? Get rid of that plastic water bottle and use another type of bottle that is more eco-friendly and we promise there will be no regrets.

It is also a suitable gift for friends and family who need something to carry water when making any trips.

eco-friendly gifts - glass water bottle

Six-pack reusable sanitary towel pads

This is a gift suitable for eco-friendly customers and pregnant women . Sanitary towel pads are everywhere, but not all of them can pass for eco-friendly.

Wouldn't you want to gift your friends and loved ones with items that would still help preserve the environment? These items are surprisingly no different from others in terms of the standard of quality.

But you can always trust them to put a smile on the faces of your loved ones and make the planet a safer place to live in at the same time.

eco-friendly gifts - towel pads

    There are a whole lot of products that can serve as gifts for your loved ones and still prove a healthy choice for the environment.

    You can always place your orders for them on our website and get them delivered to you on time. If this article gave you an idea of the nature of gifts for your loved ones, please like and share it. Also, subscribe to our channel and drop your comments below.

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