Fashion Tips to Maintain an Eco-friendly Approach

Fashion Tips to Maintain an Eco-friendly Approach

The battle for creating an eco-friendly environment goes beyond the obvious. For one, many people are not aware of how the fashion industry and our fashion habits may pollute the environment. If you are one of those, let us enlighten you today on ways you should be more conscious in applying the tips to be discussed in this topic.

Today, let's show you how you can make a difference with your fashion habit. Undoubtedly, the fashion industry involves a wide range of activities from manufacturing, transportation, usage and disposal. Although you cannot control all the aspects from the manufacturing end to the consumer end, you can alter your habits, and gradually your effort will make a substantial difference. For instance, China alone is responsible for over 300 tons of soot released to the environment yearly. In addition, they manufacture and export massive amounts of global clothing, and this is just China alone.

Nevertheless, we cannot control the industry in China, but we can apply these fashion tips as shown below for your effort:

Buy green laundry detergent

One of the aspects we can control about the clothing we wear is the kind of detergent we use in laundry. Unfortunately, the laundry detergent market has been populated with a chemical-laden detergent that promises deep cleaning with little effort. Instead, we tend to pollute our environment by disposing of the washing water that contains these harsh chemicals. These chemicals that find their way to our water bodies and land have been responsible for pollution in the cities.

When you next go shopping for laundry, go for green laundry products. They are as effective in cleaning as chemical-laden detergent. And you will be preventing damaging chemical buildup on our environment.

Be more responsible with discarding your used clothes

Another problem prevalent with fashion and pollution is the discarding of used clothes. Landfills are piled up with tons of used clothing which have become a predominant hazard to the environment. Thus, how responsibly you dispose of your clothes will help reduce your carbon footprint, a massive responsibility to the environment.

At Eco Bravo, we encourage you to donate your used clothes to charity rather than dispose of them in landfill. Also, you can turn some of your damaged garments into cloths and use them for cleaning up in the kitchen, which will help reduce the piling of carbon in the atmosphere.

In addition, you can exchange clothes with family and friends rather than throwing them away. Many people will want your clothes especially if they are in good use, rather than discarding them and eventually they will end up in landfills.

Buy local fashion products

We understand the quest for the latest fashion items. Unfortunately, getting the latest designs from abroad leaves a heavy carbon footprint as they are shipped from the manufacturing location to the consumer. However, you can be more responsive to the environment by sourcing local fashion wears.

By sourcing local clothing, you will reduce the amount of carbon to the atmosphere burnt on fuel to get those clothes to you. Another way to reduce the dependence on foreign wear by becoming eco-friendly is to buy used clothing. There are high grades of used clothing available after being correctly processed.

Research about fashion brands

With the internet and advanced technology, you can learn more about companies with a few clicks. Now, if you are considering a brand, to determine if you will patronise them based on their eco-friendly policies, there are certain things you have to pay attention to about the company. For one, you can easily find out the kind of charity they support, especially those who support charities for green policy.

Also, consider the method of manufacturing and production of the fabrics. Are they expelling a lot of carbon into the atmosphere, or are they using eco-friendly approaches in their manufacturing process? Go for a brand that supports green energy, and in bolstering their business, you are helping them achieve their green policy at a larger scale.

Maintain your fashion wear properly

It would be best to take care of your clothing using suitable detergent and other approaches to make them last longer. Understandably, you will get new clothes or shoes when the old ones wear out. However, suppose you can manage them properly by keeping them clean, using suitable detergent, and keeping them in good condition. In that case, they can last longer, and you may not necessarily need new ones anytime soon.

When they are in conditions that ensure they last longer, they will not quickly end up in landfill. And you will also be reducing your carbon footprint when you use them longer, and you don't get a replacement anytime soon.

Buy fabrics made from natural materials

You can save the environment from microplastic wastes, which can cause lots of damage to water sources when they are disposed of, by avoiding fabrics made of synthetic materials. You can always check the materials used in making the fabrics before you buy. They are usually on the label, and you can make inquiries about brands and the kind of materials they use before buying their clothings. You will be saving the environment from further degradation by doing so.

If you didn’t know before about the fashion industry and the environment, we hope you know now and can make some changes for the good. We are all in this fight to help regain the vigour of our environment and will encourage you to  sign up to our newsletter for the best tips to live an environmentally responsible life. We at Eco Bravo will like to read your thoughts on this topic, so drop your comment and start a discussion. You can also keep a real-time check on us by following us across social media platforms and getting to know more about our wide range of services.

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