Sustainable Ways To Make Your Home More Eco-Friendly

Sustainable Ways To Make Your Home More Eco-Friendly

 The quest to become eco-friendly is growing more intentional, especially at the community level. People are becoming more aware and taking steps to create a healthy environment and help the planet recover from the scourge of greenhouse gases and pollution. There is also a need to practice eco-friendly ideas in our homes to reduce our carbon footprint further.

Get Rid Of Incandescent light bulbs for an energy-saving bulb

Please get rid of the incandescent light bulbs in your home and replace them with more efficient and cost-friendly energy-saving bulbs. Thankfully, advanced technology has made the energy bulb feasible in our homes, and they now come in different shapes and sizes, even for decorative purposes. But unfortunately, incandescent light bulbs dispose of a lot of energy, cause more heat, and leave more carbon footprint.

In addition, these energy-saving bulbs last longer; thus, they are cost-efficient, unlike incandescent light bulbs, which you have to replace more often. So with the energy-saving bulb, we are saving the environment and our cash at the same time.

Install solar panels in your home

Solar energy is one of the most efficient, clean energy sources that we can harness easily, and we recommend using solar panels at home. We understand that solar panels could be expensive initially, but you do have to go for the high capacity panel for a start. You can install smaller ones to reduce your usage of the regular power supply, thus reducing the carbon footprint emanating from your home. If every home can install a solar panel to reduce their dependence on fossil fuel, there will be a drastic reduction of the carbon we burn to the atmosphere. Eco Bravo recommends you invest in solar panels for long term electricity for your home, and it will be worth it.

Buy organic products only

There has been a considerable investment in green products that we can now find certified organic products of all types in the shops. From cleaning utensils to groceries and snacks, you will find organic products that contain fewer chemicals produced by releasing less carbon into the atmosphere. When you use these products, you will be helping the company, and they become sustainable to survive and keep producing quality products that help the environment.

When you go to the supermarket, always look out for labels of products marketed as certified organic products. Buying these products will help you keep your home eco-friendly and help the company on a larger scale reduce the infusion of carbon in the atmosphere. You should also consider brands that have invested in green initiatives to keep our environment safe for us. Indirectly, you will support this initiative as the company will help them grow in profit and continue to invest in initiatives beneficial to the environment.

Get a recycling bin

A recycling bin should be the first thing on your list to maintain an eco-friendly home. There is no doubt that you are using plastics, bottles and other recycling materials. And you will be adding to the destruction of the environment if you dispose of this stuff indiscriminately. But with a recycle bin, you can gather them in one place and take them to the appropriate place for recycling. In addition, you can convert some of your bags' containers to recycle products in your home or get one from the market made specifically for this purpose.

Install a smart thermostat in your home

Heat is one of the significant sources of energy consumption in most homes, especially during the winter. But, unfortunately, we cannot do without heating our homes, and we can only find ways to regulate the energy we disperse on heating our homes. But with a smart thermostat, you can regulate the heat dispersion in your home, thus reducing the amount of energy you spend on heating, saving energy, a cost-effective measure as you save money and an eco-friendly approach since it will reduce the amount of carbon you use.

A smart thermostat will automatically set your heating system to regulate, like time of the day to turn off or reduce the heat in the home when no one is at home. So ditch your regular thermostats for a smart thermostat today as you save energy in a cost-efficient manner.

Manage water usage at home

You should take steps to reduce your water consumption at home. For example, some of your habits of using water should be checked, like letting the water run when brushing your teeth, keeping the tap running when rinsing plates instead of filling the sink with water, taking a shower for too long, and forgetting to turn off running water when you leave the house.

It’s a good idea to become focused about using water in the house. Check that you do not leave any tap open before leaving the house and repair the leaking pipe as quickly as possible. There is an increasing water consumption rate with population increase, and you will notice that some regions are already experiencing water shortage due to this implosion.


While some people may consider how their little effect will change the world for the better, we  encourage you to start with yourself and be an example for others to follow. Gradually our actions will reflect in our lives and inspire others while we rebuild our world. The Eco Bravo team  researches the tips here, and we encourage you to pick these steps up.

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