List of Things to Do To Make Your Home More Eco-Friendly

List of Things to Do To Make Your Home More Eco-Friendly

We all have a role to play in ensuring a cleaner and green environment by intentionally reducing our carbon footprint. The little things we do at home add up and have a significant effect on the world we live in, and that is why we are being encouraged to each make those little changes in our personal lives and help the world be a safer place for us all.

We do so many little things at home and take for granted that they can add to the carbon footprint and affect the environment. You may think that these things are insignificant from your point of view, but a collective effort will help our environment combat greenhouse gasses. So now we are going to list of little things you should do at home to make it more eco-friendly, as shown below:

Wash with cold water

We advise you to do your laundry with cold water and use hot water only when necessary. With the increasing number of washing machines being used at homes, there is an increased release of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere. While we understand that we have got used to the luxury of operating washing machines, we can reduce the release of carbon dioxide by reducing the use of the heater to heat water for washing clothes. Furthermore, unless you deal with stubborn and hard stains, you do not need hot water to wash your clothes to make them cleaner.

Use a recycle and compost bin at home

Get a recycle bin to dispose of your plastic items like bottles, plates and other recyclable materials. Avoid dumping these plastic materials in your regular bin which is deposited in landfills, for they are hazardous to the environment and take a lot of time to decay. Also, consider a composite bin for your leftovers and remains that can easily be converted to fertilizers which you can use for your home gardens. With this suggestion, you will reduce the carbon footprint in transporting those garbage and disposing of them appropriately.

Plant or grow plants in your garden

Either you have a garden or invest in potted plants if you do not have enough space. Plants are good for the environment, and they help in the production of oxygen and the reduction of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. In addition, you can use your compost bin for your homemade fertilizers to grow your plans. Aside from their benefits to the environment, they also beautify your home and add a pleasant fragrance.

Get a water filter for your home

You should get a water filter for your home rather than buying plastic water for drinking. Several types of water filters can help purify your water for home use. Getting a water filter will save you time, money and improve your health. Also, it will make your home more eco-friendly as it will help reduce the carbon burnt in the distribution of bottled water and the problem of disposing of them appropriately.

Use homemade cleaning agents

At Eco Bravo, we encourage the use of homemade cleaning agents that do not contain chemicals harmful to the environment. These homemade cleaning agents are easy to make from everyday household ingredients. Thus you will be spending less and protecting the environment simultaneously. Getting the materials for making these homemade cleaning agents are cheap and readily available. You can search online for DIY homemade cleaning agents and follow the process shown on these videos or blogs.

Refurbish and repurposing

Instead of throwing out your old stuff, you can refurbish them or use them for something else. There is an increasing amount of household waste, which has become a problem for environmentalists. And it seems we are throwing off things that can still be of good use. You will save money and be surprised by how effective these items may be when finding a new purpose for these items. So before you dispose of anything in your home, check if it can still be reused, repaired or used for something else. Save your money and the environment.

Reduce the power spent on lighting your home

You can reduce the amount spent on electricity, save your money and make your home more eco-friendly. We encourage people to use LEDs, which will save you on your energy bill and be a better alternative for saving electricity. Another thing we have to consider is our attitude to switching off electricity, especially bulbs when they are not in use. If you are renovating your home, make windows larger and accessible to natural light to save energy when you have natural light coming into the space.

Install solar panels at home

The use of renewable energy is the best option for a future eco-friendly home, and solar panels are an excellent way to go. Thanks to technological advancement, installing solar panels in our homes has become affordable. These solar panels are one of the cleanest sources of affordable renewable energy and within reach of the individual. Moreover, it does save you lots of money on the electricity bill, for it is free after installation cost.

In conclusion, there is so much we can do individually in building an eco-friendly home and collectively to help our environment. And looking at the tips discussed above, they are ideas that we can quickly adopt in our homes, benefiting us and the environment at the same time. At Eco Bravo, we want to help people build an eco-friendly environment and live a productive lifestyle. And we hope this topic has achieved that today.

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