Sustainable Health Products You Should Know about

Sustainable Health Products You Should Know about

Looking at the level of health deterioration throughout the world over the past few years, we don’t need an angel to recognize the need to start taking our health seriously. Gladly enough, people are taking reasonable measures to stay healthy. This is glaringly apparent in the foods they eat and the health products they use.

But there is a problem. Most of these products add up to the waste on our land and oceans. Statistical records of waste generated in 2020 alone totalled about 2.24 billion tons, with a prediction of a seventy per cent increase with time. This is a big threat to the planet’s sustainability.

Therefore, it’s now as important for us to consider the ecosystem as much as we care about our health. More than ever, the need to purchase sustainable products in place of plastic and single-use disposable ones is presently inevitable. In this blog, we want to show some eco-friendly and sustainable health product alternatives so that you can keep the environment safe while improving your health.

Reusable double-edge safety razor

You don’t have to add to the plastic waste in the oceans before you shave. All you need is a double-edged safety razor that you can use again and again. This is even the best option for your budget. You only need to purchase once to save on the extra expenses of replacing razors for a year. On top of that, the surface of these safety blades is easy to clean, and you can change the blade as frequently as you want, thus reducing your chance of acne and other germ-related infections.

Reusable period pad

Now it’s your period, and you want to stay clean and healthy. If you have been using single-use pads before, it’s time to try going sustainable. You might be surprised at how much benefit you will get as you keep the ecosystem safe. Reusable period pads save you the risk of about three thousand toxic chemicals reportedly proven to be present in disposable sanitary pads. A woman’s greatest fear is the possibility of smell, soreness, or leak in pads. With sustainable options, your safety from all these concerns is greatly guaranteed. Your transition from disposable to reusable period pad is both beneficial to you and the environment. It’s a win-win game you should play.

Reusable cotton face mask

Using facemasks has never been more vital than in this era where corona and other viruses are showing up like uninvited guests. People have now yielded to using it, and that’s good. The bad side of the story is the environmental influence of landfill waste is soaringly high. With a reusable cotton face mask, you will save yourself and prevent the endless surge in waste that fills our lands and oceans. On top of that, this sustainable facemask provides more comfort and protection and cuts your continuous spending on disposable facemasks.

Bamboo toothbrush

Bamboo toothbrushes are great because they replace plastic brushes that will always add to landfills and ocean waste. Surprisingly, this brush does more than you could think. With a special wave-shaped and nylon-coated bristle, this brush can easily remove hidden plaques and slide off stains from your mouth. And just as expected, you’re at zero risk of BPA chemicals. Since we cannot do without brushing at least two times a day, having a bamboo-made alternative toothbrush is essential to keeping our environment clean and the ecosystem sustainable. Although this might mean that you will pay more than the price of plastic brushes, the huge benefits for you and our planet put you at a better and immeasurable advantage.

Bamboo makeup remover pad

After makeup for events and the like, you obviously want to get rid of it. If we guessed right, you still use one-use remover pads till the moment you’re watching this video. If we caught you, let’s know in the comment section. Meanwhile, it’s our job to tell you that you can get the same benefit, if not more, from a reusable bamboo makeup remover pad. It’s made of vegetable fibres that exfoliate and absorb your makeup with a soft sensation that your skin deserves. And as you must have known, you can wash and use it as many times as possible. Don’t take our word for it. This is the best option for your purse, skin, and planet.

Natural hand-made soap bar

This toilet or bathroom accessory can easily enhance your hygiene level without a single threat to the human environment. Hand-made natural soaps usually contain glycerin, which is known for its moisture absorption property. This effect aids in moisturizing your skin during bathing and warding off potential skin diseases. You know that after a bath you feel irritation and dryness, right? It’ll all become history once you switch to natural soap bars for your toilet needs.

Coconut bowls

Isn’t it great to have a super combination of health, beauty, and sustainability all in one place? That’s what coconut bowls have to offer. The idea of these unique containers came to life in the process of environmental preservation. Apart from the amazing look that soothes the eye, these bowls are completely biodegradable and reusable. The creativity involved is surely a means of inspiration for your culinary skills. With your food in this nature-driven art, you will experience a super worthy feeling of your meals.

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