Why You Should Replace Your Plastic Dish Sponge for a Natural Loofah

Why You Should Replace Your Plastic Dish Sponge for a Natural Loofah

In our homes all the pans, dishes, wine glasses, pots, baking rack etc, need to be cleaned regularly to keep a healthy home free from germs and bacteria. For a meal to be safe, it begins with the cleanliness of your kitchen utensils. What are you using   to do your dishes? How best do you think you can keep your family safe? A kitchen loofah sponge is the best choice.

A loofah dishwasher is natural; it is the best option to use for dishes instead of using plastic dish sponges. Natural loofah is biodegradable. It is high time you put a stop to using plastic washing products because plastic is dangerous to health and the environment as a whole. Natural loofah is eco-friendly and it is plastic-free. This specific natural washer works beautifully on all dishes and pans as well. Natural Loofah is beneficial to nature. It gets rid of impurities without stress. More reason why you need a natural loofah is that they are antibacterial. We are quite sure you can't afford to get sick from using impure kitchen utensils to cook. This loofah is healthy; it is made up of natural fibre that is effective for both scrubbing and cleaning. It is time to go green!

Why do you need natural loofah?

(1) It is eco-friendly because it is organic. Natural loofah is simple, budget-friendly and environmentally friendly.

(2) It is made from a pure loofah plant. This loofah is plant-based, it is unbleached, and it is undyed.

(3) It is completely biodegradable. It can be thrown out and allowed to reach its compost. It doesn't cause any harm to the environment.

(4) They cleanout specks of dirt from the dishes without stress.

(5) It allows your washing liquid to last longer than expected because it doesn't consume much cleaning liquid. It doesn't waste soap at all.

(6) Your non-sticks pan deserves something soft to wipe it. Your natural loofah is soft enough for that purpose.

(7) The natural loofah is portable. It prevents food particles from getting stuck to pots.

(8) The loofah is odourless, and it doesn't stick to oil. It doesn't make any delay before it gets dried.

(9) It removes the toughest of stains from dishes. It has a unique texture.

(10) The natural loofah is incredibly durable.

(11). It is vital for health since it is plastic-free

How to use your loofah?

To get maximum results from your loofah, get a bowl and soak in your loofah sponge for about 7 minutes before your first use. This will help the loofah to soften for easy usage. It also leads to the expansion of the loofah. Subsequently, after each use, it is advised to soak your loofah in a bowl of baking soda for some minutes, then always ensure you hang out the loofah to dry up. It would be best if you continually keep the loofah dried. If the loofah is wet, it leads to the attraction of bacteria.

How often should you change your loofah?

When last did you change your sponge? Probably not recentLY enough for you to remember. A loofah should be changed immediately when you observe mould growing on it. If there is no such thing growing on it, you can keep using and change after one month of usage. The most fantastic aspect of the natural loofah is that you can disinfect it in your dishwasher. You can carry out the disinfecting every week. You can also soak your loofah in a diluted bleach solution for about 5 minutes. Do not forget to rinse thoroughly.

Why Plastic dish sponge is not safe for you

Plastic sponges are unsafe for you. It is high time you start taking precautions in your kitchen utensils maintenance. Your plastic sponges harbour microscopic bacteria in it. Most of these plastic sponges stink, unlike your natural loofah. Natural loofah doesn't come with any odour. Family members could quickly get sick from using dirty kitchen utensils to make a meal. You can't easily use your sponge to scrub off chunky food debris. But, with your natural loofah, you can wash off anything, including dirt from juices or stains from food. It is easily possible to disinfect natural loofah, unlike the plastic dish sponge. Are you having a problem scrubbing the stain from your pans off? How about making use of 100% natural, eco-friendly products to get your job done faster and effectively.

By doing your dishes with plastic, you contaminate your utensils with chemicals that have an adverse effect on your health. It is time to be kinder to the environment, instead of polluting the environment with sponges that are not biodegradable, making everywhere polluted. Using these plastic products can cause cancer. Most of these are produced with the help of chemical additives that are harmful to both human and environment. By washing your dishes with the plastic sponge, you are at the risk of transferring chemicals also from your sponge to the pans or glasses. So many illnesses you experience like headache, immune diseases, chronic inflammation, dizziness, skin irritation, the problem of the lungs, vision failure are most likely caused by the use of plastic dish sponges. Try the act of going green by making use of a loofah to do your cleaning. This is not all; water pollution, air pollution, environmental pollution and soil pollution are all a result of making use of plastic dish sponge. If the water is polluted, it leads to problems for the lives living in the aquatic habitats, which is not good enough. Undoubtedly, the use of the chemical to produce plastic dish wash is toxic and detrimental to your body and that of your family. It is high time you put an end to making use of a plastic dish sponge for you and your family to live longer and healthier.

How to get your natural loofah?

If you are thinking of where to get your loofah, don't bother to stress yourself. You can get it from Eco Bravo. This is the best place to get your loofah. Not just that, they also have many more beneficial products meant for you to safeguard your health. They provide you, eco-friendly products and plastic-free products for you. Do well to place an order now. Later may be too late. Your health should always be of a priority to you.

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